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Pardesi Media 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated 3 years ago 5
Can you please share the plan for next release of IB? Both my apps are pending submission based on that. Thanks.

Hi Adeel! We're planning to release the update at the end of June or the beginning of July.
Anita Sølver 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 4 years ago 1
I would love to see the possibility to make in-app purchases.

By that I mean, that the app itself is free in the app-store, but provides extra content inside, that the user can purchase. It could be one free book, and 3 others that the user can buy, or perhaps small games, or even items that can be used in a game.

It's a very used concept, and for good reason.
It's hard to make people decide to buy an app they know nothing about, but it will be easier to sell them something inside an app, when they already know the app, and the quality of it.
Already in the plan. It is absolutely a critical feature, along with in app advertising. Thanks for the feedback.
Truman Kong 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Inna Komarovsky (Administrator) 2 years ago 4
About using my own developer account, and do the submission of the App on my own. Will the InteractBuilder be able to generate a standalone compiled App for me to publish it on my own? Since I have only made a testing running App using InteractBuilder and SHARE with my colleagues. The process is done automatically, and are working just fine. Can I do it manually? And using my App developer account?
Hi Truman,

Yes, when you're ready to publish your app, you will have the option of publishing it through your own developer account or through the InteractBooks account. When you test the app and share it with others, it is not yet in the app marketplaces, so it is not published through anyone's account technically, but when you want to publish the app, this is when you would use a developer account.

Let me know if this answers your question : )
Charmaine Anderson 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 4 years ago 1
Not sure how difficult this would be for you to add to as an IB3 option, but it would be awesome if one could export a .pdf or ebook version of one's app so that one could also offer a version to those who prefer reading content on their Kindle for example, so one could sell it on Amazon.com.
I realize one would probably loose a lot of the interactivity and animation, but if it retained the static images, text and audio that would be rather cool.

Thanks for considering.

Should be available in version 3.5. It will be a premium member feature.

Rogi Moor 8 months ago in By Screen / Publish • updated 8 months ago 0
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Charmaine Anderson 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 4 years ago 0
I'm going to be putting together a privacy policy for my app, but I'm not sure what IB3 is doing behind the scenes from a privacy standpoint that I can share with parents and be compliant with the COPPA standards.  Can you please craft a statement that users of your software can include in our privacy policy that will assure our customers of what data is being collected about them (if any) and how that data is being used?  I'm sure other IB3 users would appreciate having a blurb like this they can use with confidence.  Thanks for considering!
Our privacy policy appears here:
Privacy Policy
Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Inna Komarovsky (Administrator) 3 years ago 2
Using the updated player and builder, the apps are not scaling properly to the iphone.
Just adding an update to this thread to say that with InteractBuilder 4 everything should scale correctly to any device size.
laserql 2 weeks ago in By Screen / Publish 0

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