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Paul Snakes 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 3 years ago 5

I should have finished my app project, but I am still  having a serious problem: I can't download the app (book) I have shared with myself, in order to check it before publishing. I don't know wether the problem is in the uploading or downloading phase; or maybe both. When uploading (from my laptop), the bar seems to freeze at about 80%; and after several minutes, it appears a blank message on the screen (see attached image). After that, the uploading bar just empties and it appears the message "the app has been uploaded and the recipients have been notified by email..". When I take the iPad to download it; the downloading bar advances normally up to about 60%; then it freezes and just doesn't move any more. On the  google nexus tablet, though, it seems to finish downloading; but once the blue bar arrives at the end, the player just closes down; and once I reopen it; the app is not in the library; and I have still the red circle notifying that there is a new app to download (the same as before)

I don't think it is related to issues in the internet connection because I have tried in different access points with good internet speed; and I have had the same problem in all of them...

Don't know what to do... now it is almost ready to be published; but I wanted to test it before, just to see how it works on a tablet!

* I have checked all the file names in the app folder and in the Builder, since I have found that non English Characters or letters with accents (á, é, í, ó, ú), normally used in Spanish words, may cause problems; and I removed all of them. But still having problems....

** I am running the most recent updates of builder / player in Macbook Pro-Retina and iPad2. I have had this problems also with past versions

*** My project weights about 130 MB. I don't have this problem with small apps (2 pages, just for testing). I am able to succesfully share them with myself

**** When I try to load my project to InteractCloud; the system asks me to upgrade to publish membership. But I have already done so! and effectively logged in with my username

Sorry for the lenght of the message. I wanted just to give you all details that might be relevant

thanks for helping



We are looking into this problem.

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Eleisha Perreira 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated 3 years ago 8
First, I have multiple problems with sharing my app. When I click on publish and then click on share it loads for a bit then completely shuts down. InteractBuilder disappears and I get a notification that Trojan malware is located and my security software automatically deletes the file causing complete destruction and me not being able to run the program. I have to re-install and move my eBook files back in the default folder so it loads again.

Second, I used 2-3 of my allotted shares and I haven't even gotten 1 of them to go through. Ridiculous! I haven't even been able to test it on interactPlayer because its not even loading on the program at all.

I need this fixed as my client is ready to launch and I cant even test these apps out!!! I can't make money with this software when it doesn't even work. I am so extremely upset and frustrated of what is happening! Someone please help!

SeanB 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 3 years ago 5
Back in 2011 Ezra instructed us to place our TTF font file in the book folder to ensure it is copied to the device - especially for unique custom fonts. Is this still the case today? We place it in the top level of "101 - My Book"?

From what I know, at this moment the feature to add a new font is not available yet.
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Paul Snakes 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 3 years ago 1
Hi guys, I have some questions related to the apps publication:

Which are the platforms you are currently sending the apps to publish?
How do users that have sent apps know when they're finally released? do they get a separate notification via email from each platform? (Apple; Google...)
Once published, from where can users manage statistics, etc of their related apps?

Finally, is it possible to view apps published within interactbooks on an android phone? I can find apps published as stand-alone apps, like Bill the Fish; but can't find the InteractPlayer on GooglePlay from my android phone.

Hello Paul, from what I know the platforms that we are releasing the apps are: Android and iOS.
Regarding the stats of your published app you can see them by visit you profile from InteractBuilder as shown in next image:

Here is the link to InteractPlayer on Google Play:
Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 0
I shared my app with a friend who has a kindle fire and this was her experience:

"We wanted to try your app on the Kindle but these links don't go anywhere. It just opens a new tab that says "about:blank." I clicked the Windows link on my laptop and it was the same thing."

I told her to upload the interactplayer from the app store and she says it isn't available in the kindle app store. I don't know anything about kindles...can they access the itunes app store?

Any ideas?

InteractPlayer is not available yet for Kindle fire device at this time
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Ranco 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 4 years ago 0

It takes 1 whole minute to get to the bookshelves. It is way too much  - no one would wait 1 min to read a book. Something is wrong there... (tried it on my Samsung Galaxy 3 mini)


On my HTC One the InteractPlayer loads in 14 seconds.

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Pardesi Media 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Ted Ollikkala 3 years ago 3
Are you looking at reducing the output size of Apps in IB 3.4, specially for Android?
Hi there!
Could you please give us some more detail about your question?
Here's an article with some tips about reducing the size of an app: How can I minimize the size of my app?
Pardesi Media 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 3 years ago 0
Please add capability in IB or on the Membership login (website), where App Publishers can track the current status, place in queue and expected time it will take IB team to submit the app to Apple/Google etc. once the app has been Published from IB. Also, please define SLAs that give a clear idea of how much time it would take.

Two of my apps are pending submission, and I have no idea where they are, reason for the delay etc.

Eleisha Perreira 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated 3 years ago 3
I am trying to move forward with publishing my app but keeps bringing me in a loop.

After I fill out the needed info (App name, my own dev account, upload screenshots, app cover, description, tags, etc) It prompts me with "saved for publishing" with a close box option. I am unsure of what the next step is.

When I log back into my interact player account, My app changed to the correct title and the new cover I uploaded is displaying correctly. When I click on the apps drop down and click on publish again, it brings me to the same form to fill out.

Am I missing a step?

Do I have to log into my apple development account?

Please let me know as soon as possible! Thank you so much for all the hard work in advance!!!
Hi Eleisha,
We are working on fixing the publishing process, and it should be fixed with the next InteractBuilder update.
Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 3 years ago 10
Hey all,

Just checking to see if the submission date is still January 5th considering the big update coming up.

We are extending the contest deadline, for more details see the link below: