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error message -delete page

Ann K AlteredEssence 5 years ago in By Screen • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 5 years ago 0

trying to delete a page the following:

An error occurred while accessing the database.

near "SELECT": syntax error

group id 6802281 of group id 2161 of group id 2144 of card id 1139 of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",mouseUp,250

group id 2144 of card id 1139 of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",stsTableRow_IconBarMouseUp,39,button id 1013 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"

stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",TOC_DeletePage,2415,button id 1004 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"

stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",DeletePage,2466,button id 1004 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"

stack "libApp" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",CheckDBErr,3340

stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",DoError,9972,button id 1004 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"


We are aware of the issue with deleting pages and it should be resolved in the next release.


suggestion: updating psd files

Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Design • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 4 years ago 3

When updating psd files, reflect the changes of elements that have been moved. I don't even know if it is possible, but it would be such a time saver.


Currently, if an element has been moved in the builder, then when the same Photoshop file is imported again, that element gets the new position that it has been assigned in the builder. Is your suggestion that an element that has been moved in Photoshop should have the new Photoshop position?

Unable to download update

winsomeworks 3 years ago • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 3 years ago 1
Hi!  I have attempted to download the newest update and I am getting a retrieval error.  
Looks like you caught us in the middle of our update. Please try again.

global elements error

Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Interact • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 0
Even with the global elements turned off the cover, they are still appearing in interactplayer.

We were able to recreate this bug and we are working to fix it. Thank you for the feedback.

SnapShot - where does the captured file get saved?

Charmaine Anderson 4 years ago in By Screen / Interact • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 0
I'd like to use the snapshot behavior to capture what is on the current page but the User Guide doesn't have documentation on where the captured file gets stored on the user's device, I see the captured file gets saved into my Documents folder on my laptop. I'd like to tell user where they can find their captured screenshot on their iPad. It might be nice to allow the user to name their captured file before it is saved so they can easily find it.

Thanks for your help.
The image will be saved in the default image folder of your iPad.
Under review

page turn effect

Paul Snakes 4 years ago • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 13
I am checking my app in the new player... but I found some bugs: the player screen went black for a couple of times, and warning messages appeared saying "books element not found", "register element not found".. etc.

I got also some timeout problems when uploading the app; and then downloading it to the player gave me the error "page 2 was not possible to unzip with zipper since file could not be found.."

Besides, I have an 8 frames animation (made of png files) that runs very slowly on the player, though it works fine on the Builder InteractMode of my laptop... I wanted to know if future player updates will set this also for the apps that will have been already published...

Finally I miss a feature that had been released on version 3.2 and then removed in version 3.3 (don't know why, since I think it was an improvement): if you had a png object with transparent areas; you could select the objects underneath if you tapped on the empty (transparent) zones of the object above. If you tapped on the "filled" zone instead, you selected that object. I found it really useful when you had; e.g; frames showing rasterized text imported as a png; next to an illustration: even if the text-object frame covered partially the illustration, you could still select the illustration if you tapped in an empty zone of the object frame above.

I send you an image to illustrate this:  

The text of the image is a single png image with an empty area left on purpouse to fit the illustration on it.
The lizard is another png object, put underneath the text. On version 3.2 it was possible to tap the image through the empty area of the text image. On version 3.3 it was not possible anymore. For me this was a critical feature, since most of the illustration on my book are put in this way, and they should be "tapable"

Could you send the app to ezra@interactstudios.com so we can check to see what is wrong with it.
For the situation explained with the image: You can have a transparent element on top of the lizard that will trigger the wanted behaviors.

sharing app link not active

Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Interact • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 4 years ago 0

I'm sharing my app with a bunch of people to test it out. In the email that is sent out, it says to click on the appropriate link to download the player, but none of the links are active. Can they download it from the app store and still use the code from the email?
Under review

Publishing Error

Cate O'Donnell 4 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 1
Has anyone gotten this error when trying to publish? How do you get rid of it?

Under review

book not appearing on interactplayer.com

Gabrielle Strouse 3 years ago in By Screen / Interact • updated 3 years ago 5
I have a book on interactbuilder that was created from a copy of another book, let's call them A and B.  Both copies show in up in interactbuilder.  However, on interactplayer.com only book B shows up.

In interactbuilder I went to book A and hit "interact."  Book B came up.  Then I double-checked that the pages were still different (but didn't change anything) and hit "interact" again. Then book A came up.

Then I went back into book B and hit "interact" and book A came up. I hit "interact" again and book A came up.  I went to one of the pages in builder that is different between the books and hit "interact" and book B came up.

How can I get both books to show up in interact player, and to have consistently separate public links?
Hi Gabrielle,
I'm going to try to test the problem to see if we can isolate what causes the problem. Do the two apps have the same name?

Are we not allowed to have a "team" on one app like other software?

Dyann Joyce 3 years ago • updated by Inna Komarovsky (Administrator) 3 years ago 1
Hi there, I have only used Kwiksher.com before to build apps, but they were down as they changed owners. I am confused. How do you add a team/ It seems it wants 299 a person instead of per app, if 2-3 people are working on an app- how do you add a team so they all can work on it? developer, artists, sound. If only one app is produced shouldn't that be the cost for one team? Am I reading it wrong?
Hi there,

The membership price refers to the publishing membership, which allows you to submit an app for publishing. Any work done before publishing, apart from the premium features, can be done with the free membership. So if you're working with a team, people can use the free membership, and the person who plans to submit the app for publishing can register for the publishing membership when the app is ready.