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Publish using my developer's account

Truman Kong il y a 6 ans dans By Screen / Publish mis à jour par Inna Komarovsky il y a 5 ans 4
About using my own developer account, and do the submission of the App on my own. Will the InteractBuilder be able to generate a standalone compiled App for me to publish it on my own? Since I have only made a testing running App using InteractBuilder and SHARE with my colleagues. The process is done automatically, and are working just fine. Can I do it manually? And using my App developer account?
Inna Komarovsky il y a 6 ans
Hi Truman,

Yes, when you're ready to publish your app, you will have the option of publishing it through your own developer account or through the InteractBooks account. When you test the app and share it with others, it is not yet in the app marketplaces, so it is not published through anyone's account technically, but when you want to publish the app, this is when you would use a developer account.

Let me know if this answers your question : )
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Add visual display of all elements in library

Charmaine Anderson il y a 7 ans dans By Screen / Design mis à jour par Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) il y a 7 ans 0

It would be nice if you could see all of the elements in your library via a scrollable slider and be able to select the desired element or entire frames of an animation and drag and drop the one you want to use into your page. Sometimes one wants to reuse assets and if you have several hundred elements its easy to forget where you used the one you want to copy and reuse.  Thanks for considering.  


Add Export .pdf or ebook version option?

Charmaine Anderson il y a 6 ans dans By Screen / Publish mis à jour par panistefanin il y a 1 an 4
Not sure how difficult this would be for you to add to as an IB3 option, but it would be awesome if one could export a .pdf or ebook version of one's app so that one could also offer a version to those who prefer reading content on their Kindle for example, so one could sell it on Amazon.com.
I realize one would probably loose a lot of the interactivity and animation, but if it retained the static images, text and audio that would be rather cool.

Thanks for considering.

Should be available in version 3.5. It will be a premium member feature.


steady glove but hitting approach has deteriorated in Triple A

anonymous il y a 3 ans dans By Screen / Manage mis à jour par FindBestVouchers il y a 1 an 5

We continue our mid season organization reviews with a look at the
Oakland Athletics Top 20 Prospects from the beginning of 2017. The index
for other team reviews can be found here.

This list was originally published January 9th, 2017.

1 Franklin Barreto, INF, Grade A Age 21, hitting .270/.316/.418 with
19 walks, 101 strikeouts in 311 at bats in Triple A; hit .190 with a
pair of homers in 42 MLB at bats during brief trial; showing good pop
and steady glove but hitting approach has deteriorated in Triple A; I
think he’ll adjust but he needs more time.

2 A.J. Puk, LHP, Grade B Age 22, first round pick from University of
Florida in 2016; 3.97 ERA in 79 innings between High A and Double A,
117/33 K/BB, 60 hits; blistering stuff but command remains erratic;
stock steady, high upside.

3 Jharel Cotton, RHP, Grade B/B Age 25, 20th round pick by the
Dodgers in 2012 from East Carolina University, traded to Athletics in
Josh Reddick and Rich Hill deal; 14 starts in MLB with 5.17 ERA in 77
innings, 67/32 K/BB, on disabled list with blister right now;
inconsistent but I still like his chances to be an above average starter
if they remain patient with him.

4 Matt Chapman, 3B, Grade B/B Age 24, first round pick in 2014 from
Cal State Fullerton; hit .257/.348/.589 in 175 Triple A at bats,
promoted to majors and hitting .200/.273/.440 so far in 50 at bats;
excellent defense with power http://www.athleticsfanaticsjersey.com/jake-smolinski-jersey-c-24.html, don’t expect much batting average but the superb glove buys him a lot of slack.

5 Frankie Montas, RHP, Grade B Age 24, acquired from Dodgers in the
Reddick/Hill deal; 6.91 ERA in 29 major league bullpen innings with
30/15 K/BB; that got him sent back to Triple A where he’s moved back
into a starting role; still has high long term potential and like Cotton
he needs innings and experience to adjust.

6 Grant Holmes, RHP, Grade B/B Age 21, first round pick by Dodgers
in 2014 , another part of the Hill/Reddick deal; 4.92 ERA in 97 Double A
innings, 117 hits, 96/38 K/BB; results haven’t matched the stuff due to
command and mechanical inconsistency http://www.athleticsfanaticsjersey.com/billy-butler-jersey-c-25.html, still quite young of course.

7 Daniel Gossett, RHP, Grade B/B Age 24, second round pick in 2014
out of Clemson, strong in Triple A 3.41 ERA in 61 innings, 54/19 K/BB
promoted to majors and has varied between very good and very bad, 5.79
ERA in 37 innings with 23/6 K/BB overall; like Cotton and Montas, he has
the ability to be an above average starter but needs to find his legs.

8 Matt Olson, 1B OF, Grade B Age 23, hit .267/.363/.554 in Triple A,
promoted to majors and hit .184/.310/.449, back in minors now but will
return to MLB later in the year, no real change in profile,
power/patience mix remains intriguing.

9 Renato Nunez, 3B 1B, Grade B Age 23; Hitting .250/.308/.534 in
Triple A with 24 homers, 26 walks, 102 strikeouts; more serious contact
issues than Olson and less patient but matches or even exceeds http://www.athleticsfanaticsjersey.com/john-axford-jersey-c-1.html  him in raw power; stock steady.

10 Norge Ruiz, RHP, Grade B Age 23, Cuban right hander signed for
2,000,000 in December; just getting into action in the California League
with 2.81 ERA in 16 innings, 12/5 K/BB over three starts, will be key
guy to watch in the second half.

11 Logan Shore, RHP, Grade B Age 22, second round pick in 2016 from
University of Florida; limited to 35 innings in High A by a lat strain,
3.12 ERA with 32/6 K/BB, showing expected polish; he was looking ready
for Double A until getting hurt.

12 Daulton Jefferies, RHP, Grade B Age 21, comp round pick in 2016 from University of California; made two starts in Billy Burns Jersey High A then had Tommy John surgery in late April.

13 Max Schrock, 2B , Grade B Age 22, 15th round pick in 2015 by
Natonals from University of South Carolina, traded to Athletics last
August; hitting .300/.357/.412 with 22 walks, 27 strikeouts in 260 at
bats in Double A; very reliable defense with only two errors; needs more
attention than he’s received.

14 Raul Alcantara, RHP, Grade C Age 24, made team out of spring
training but got crushed and gave up 15 runs in seven innings; out
righted to Triple A then ended up on the disabled list, just started
rehab work in rookie ball; given arm strength he’ll get more chances.

15 Lazaro Armenteros, OF, Grade C Age 18, Cuban signed last summer
for 3,000,000; just getting started in rookie ball, hitting
.305/.385/.508 in 59 at bats so far, obviously a good start; has the
tools to rank much higher once we get a better idea how those tools
translate into performance and how much he needs to refine skills; I’m
rather high on him.

Atlanta Braves v Oakland Athletics

Bruce Maxwell Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

16 Bruce Maxwell, C, Grade C Age 26, second round pick in 2012 from
Birmingham Southern; hitting .282/.386/.380 in 71 major league at bats;
very strong defense; this looks legitimate to me.

17 Chad Pinder, INF, Grade C Age 25, hit .234/.289/.490 in 145 major
league at bats until going down with hamstring injury; this seems like
his true level of skill, good power with versatile defense and poor OBP.

18 Richie Martin, SS, Grade C Age 22, first round pick in 2015 from
University of Florida; hitting .209/.293/.310 in Double A with 10
steals; impressive defense and can swipe a base but extreme lack of
power/strength hold him back; utility role in the future unless the
hitting improves.

19 Heath Fillmyer, RHP; Grade C Age 23, fifth round pick in 2014
from Mercer Junior College; 4.01 ERA in 92 innings in Double A, 68/39
K/BB, 104 hits; not a great season; stuff may play up if he moves to
bullpen down the road.

Ask questions about any of these guys, anyone else not written up
pre season, and 2017 draftees and I’ll answer in the comments section.


Advantages of Wireless Router

Rogi Moor il y a 3 ans dans By Screen / Publish mis à jour il y a 3 ans 0
  • Wireless router provides you with wireless internet access;
  • You can hook up your computer to other computers and entertainment equipment, like your HD television and gaming equipment.
  • It provides speed which is important in watching movies, gaming, uploading and downloading files. The modern network switch in your wireless router is the wireless access point what will connect you to computers and other network devices;
  • Wireless routers can be connected to anywhere in the immediate environment or home as you can log on or surf the Internet within the surroundings; and
  • Since most wireless routers have built in firewalls, you will be able to ward off intruders. Use the configuration options of the firewall for security and privacy.

Manage elements toolbar

Melissa Lind il y a 7 ans dans By Screen / Design mis à jour par Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) il y a 6 ans 4

I LOVE the manage elements toolbar. Really great flexibility. The one thing, that could improve it is if it were possible to move the toolbar out of the way. Sometimes I forget what I'm doing if I can't see the layout and the toolbar is usually right in the middle.



Planned for version 3.5


intersections not logging

Melissa Lind il y a 7 ans dans By Screen / Design mis à jour par Inna Komarovsky il y a 6 ans 2

I am unable to pull up an intersection after I've entered it to make changes. When I press the intersect button it shows there are no intersections. The interaction still occurs in interact mode, but I'm unable to make changes.

Inna Komarovsky il y a 6 ans

Try going to another page and then go back to the page you want to create the intersections. Press the intersection icon now, it should work.


Save Text Styles

SeanB il y a 6 ans dans By Screen / Design mis à jour par Inna Komarovsky il y a 6 ans 7
Like the Highlighting feature, it'd be nice to save your Text properties (font size,color,style,alignment, drop shadow) as a style for easy reuse.
Inna Komarovsky il y a 6 ans
That's a good idea.Thank you for the feedback post.

Add background color to text box

Charmaine Anderson il y a 7 ans dans By Screen / Design mis à jour par Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) il y a 7 ans 0

If possible, please consider enabling a text box to have a either a solid color or a percentage of a solid color background. Not sure if this is already possible as I don't see that as an option. 

If this is possible, also enable an offset of the text from the colored box so there is a little padding between the edge of the colored box and the text.  Perhaps also enable an outline color around the text box and allow user to specify how thick the outline should be.

Thanks for considering this.


Planned for version 3.3 or 3.4.

Pas un bug

Erase not working as expected

Charmaine Anderson il y a 7 ans dans By Screen / Design mis à jour par Alin Alexandru Matei il y a 7 ans 0

Not sure if this is a bug, but I want to create an eraser element that user could select to erase part of their drawing.  When I assign On Drag >Drawing > Erase and view in Interact mode, when I go from drawing with another element and then select  the eraser element, and drag it, it erases itself, and not the drawing I wanted to erase.  For example, I want to have several colored crayon elements the user can choose to draw with and also an eraser they can use to erase what they don't want on their picture.  Thanks.

Alin Alexandru Matei il y a 7 ans

At this moment it is not possible to erase an element while Dragging another one( like the eraser). What I suggest is that two have two erase elements. For the first element the behaviors:

SetEraseMode to On,

TapHide self

TapShow the other erase element.

For the other erase element have:

SetEraseMode to Off

TapHide Self

TapShow the other erase element.

Also if you want an example you can check page nine of A Day with the Butterflies example book app.

Let us know if you are still having problems.