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counting interactions

Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Design • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 4
I'd like to have a countdown of the number of interactions on the page, so that the user knows to keep searching if they haven't found them all. Any suggestions for the simplest way to do this?

I want there to be a sound attached to the interaction as well, but only once, if they tap the interaction for a second time I don't want it to count down or make a noise.

This stuff is so hard to describe, let me know if I need to be more clear.

You can add a counter with two behaviors chained: Counter Set ( with value equal to number of interaction also Invoked on Page load) and chained to this one a Counter Display. Also for every interaction you can have Counter Substract, so the user knows how many interaction remained.
To have a sound play only one you can have a transparent element show after the interaction occurs. So if you have Tap-PlayAudio, chained to this behavior will be a Show behavior with the target being that transparent element. ( That transparent element will be hidden at the start of the page and it will be on top of the element that is causing an interaction.)
Under review

deleting apps in the player

Melissa Lind 4 years ago in By Screen / Interact • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 0
I still have a couple of apps that won't delete in my list of "My Apps". They are around 8 months old. Not a big problem obviously, but I thought you'd want to know.

Here is the error info:

InteractBuilder Version: 3.4 Build 350
Device: MacBook Pro
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB
System: 10.6.8

An error occurred while accessing the database.

An error occurred while accessing the database.

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Umbrella.zip' AND ConsumerMember_Id=100079' at line 1

graphic id 10086247 of group id 10086221 of group id 10086219 of card id 147088 of stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer",mouseUp,36
card id 147088 of stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer",DeleteDownloadApp,928,button id 1014 of group id 1010 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer"
stack "libApp" of stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer",DeleteMyApp,7128
stack "libApp" of stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer",ibRDS,7069
stack "libApp" of stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer",CheckDBErr,6649
stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer",DoError,15410,button id 1004 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "/Users/melissahlind/Desktop/InteractPlayer.app/Contents/MacOS/InteractPlayer"
What version and build of InteractPlayer are you using? I tried to recreate this situation but the app got deleted when I clicked the Delete button.

Hidden Page

Jamie Stevens 4 years ago in By Screen / Design • updated by Inna Komarovsky (Administrator) 4 years ago 2
Hi! I want to have a page that is only available for parents and teachers. It's my Privacy Disclosure page. What I currently am trying to set up is a text element on page 2 that jumps to a page that is at the end of the app, that is my Privacy Disclosure page. I don't want this page visible at run time unless the adult wants to view it. I also want the adult to be able to tap the closed and return to page 2.
Is this possible? So far it's not working. I also have the second to last page (page 11) as closing the app. And is that possible to do with the hidden page built right after it?
Hi Jamie,
You can jump to any page and close the app from any page using the Jump behavior (in the "Page" behavior category). In the "Target Page" field you can enter any page, or you can select "Close App."

So the text element that goes to the privacy disclosure page can have a Tap-Jump action set with the target page set to page 12, and the element on page 11 that is meant to close the app can have a Tap-Jump action set with a target page of "Close App."

how many apps have been published on iTunes over past 2 years - I can only see 13

Sheila Graber 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Robert Marier 3 years ago 7
I bought Gussie Goes to London years ago -it's very good as are the other apps - I would have thought by now there would be hundreds of apps up there ?
Hi Sheila,

We've been working through some problems with publishing because some of the mobile platforms cause glitches with the final apps, so this has prevented us from being able to publish apps for the last few months. We're hoping to have everything resolved soon so that everyone can publish the apps they've created.

Inna Komarovsky

ps. I agree, Gussy Goes to London is a great app! :)
Under review

Add drop shadow to shapes

SeanB 4 years ago in By Screen / Design • updated by Alin Alexandru Matei (Support) 4 years ago 1
Would you please consider adding drop shadow support for shapes? I like using them and this would take them to the next level.


Manage Action Sets - Targets are not updating properly

Ranco 3 years ago in By Screen / Design • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 3 years ago 3
When browsing between different action sets in the Action Sets Manager, the targets on the right side are not updating properly.
See example here: 
Thank you so much for the demo. I've reported this to our lead developer with a link to the video.
Under review

problems turning pages

stephico 3 years ago in By Screen / Manage • updated by Inna Komarovsky (Administrator) 3 years ago 1
after the 3 page i cannot turn it to a new page,, what can I do??
Hi there, is it in Design mode in the builder that you can't turn to page four, or when you are previewing your app in the browser?

Share option for IB 3.4 no longer work?

Truman Kong 3 years ago in By Screen / Publish • updated by Inna Komarovsky (Administrator) 3 years ago 3
I wonder if the share option no longer work for version IB3.4? I tried to share it today and it said HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden error when trying to upload App to server (Media_1.zip).
Sharing works only in version 4.0.  You can share by visiting:


Log into the site using the credentials you used to sign up to the InteractBuilder site. Once you are logged in you can see the list of apps that you have created and you can share your app from there.
Under review

shape rotation

SeanB 4 years ago in By Screen / Design • updated 3 years ago 8
Is it possible for shapes to be rotated N degrees? I'd like to make groovy items with rounded rectangles at angles, instead of just straight up and down.
Right now you can only rotate a triangle by any specified number of degrees.  We absolutely plan to add that rotate ability to rectangles and squares in the "near" future.

Feedback via IB3 crashes

Ranco 5 years ago in By Screen / Select • updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 5 years ago 0

At least on Windows 7...

This is what I get by clicking "Feedback":