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Motion Path - have element follow a curved line

Charmaine Anderson 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by anonymous 1 year ago 3

I would like to be able to draw a line and have an animated element follow the drawn path, the path would not be visible in interact mode but act as a guide for the object to follow.  For example, the object would fly into place on load and then on tap it could go to the next point that has been designated on the path for the element to follow on tap.  This would be a curved line rather than a linear line.  If there is another way to do this, please advise. Thanks.


We are absolutely planning to add this feature in a near future version (probably late summer).


Elements order toolbar

Ranco 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 0

It would be great if the 4 buttons of elements order (bring to front, back, up, down) will be accessible all the time without the need to open this toolbar every time I want to change order. I find that I use those a lot, and as such, they need to be available all the time.


We made the menu bar persist on the screen so you can keep visible at all times.


user guide quick button

Melissa Lind 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 4

Just something to think about, but I would love to have a quick button for both the user guide and to empty the cache. I'm finding that I use them both often, and I lose my train of thought when I go looking for them.

Just an idea.



Good suggestions, only challenge is that we are trying to keep the screen real estate pretty clean.   We will definitely consider this suggestion.

We will be adding a small icon on the bottom of the design screen in version 3.3, due for release later this month.


Manage action sets request - auto select first target

Ranco 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by anonymous 1 year ago 7

Can you please automatically select the first target in the "manage action sets" dialog when one clicks on a new action set (or uses the up/down arrows)?

It is more user friendly that way. You can navigate the cations and immediately see the animation parameters of the (first) target, which is usually the main.




Version 3.2.5


Make Disable Page Flip Backwards/Forwards a global Navigation setting

Charmaine Anderson 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 0

Please consider adding the Disable Page Flip Backwards / Forwards option to a global Navigation setting,  instead of only at the page level.  I have 85 pages and I don't want to have to do this to every single page!  The reason I want to do this is I want to kick people to a main menu at the end of each section rather then force them to click through all 85 pages.

Thank you!


Planned for version 3.4.


Add Lock Layers Option

Charmaine Anderson 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 0

If possible, please consider adding the ability to Lock layers to make selecting objects easier.  Thanks much.


We will be adding this in version 3.3 or 3.4.


photoshop layers

Melissa Lind 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 1
The layering trouble when importing photoshop files with new layers seems to be working better. They used to come in out of order. Nice work!!!

Love IB3 so much. It is so swanky!

Under review

Coloring book feature enhanced

Anita Sølver 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 7 years ago 2
I have read some of the posts about coloring books/coloring pages, and I think there's room for improvement to Interact Builder in this area. No need to make things so complicated :)

The ability to make the kids pick colors is fine.
But the way we have to make a coloring page is not so great, in my opinion.

What I would like to see is two things:

1) The ability to let the lineart be on top, and let the kids color freely beneath it. That would be an awesome feature. It could be done by somehow locking the top layer with the lineart, or have a target layer for the kids to paint in.

2) Be able to place a lineart, and then click on areas between the lines that are meant to be colored (a bit like fill color in photoshop with the paint bucket), and add the fill color action (or even free draw within this restricted area).

If #2 can't be done that way, then at least be able to place the lineart on top, and place the files premade for the individual areas underneath, so we'll have a nice and crisp lineart, that can variate in thickness and so on.

Should the last part be the solution, I would really, really like to be able to make the images all the same size in transparant png's, and thus import and place them all at the same time. This is not possible now, since when I am clicking on the canvas (let's say on an apple), it chooses whatever file is on top, because it also selects the transparant pixels, and not just the filled ones.

It's just not very logical the way it works now, and it involves an insane amount of work to make a coloring page with more than a few details.

If any of this is possible already, then I'd love to be pointed in the right direction, since coloring pages will be part of the apps I plan to make, in addition to stories and other activity.

Thanks for reading :)

processing speed

Melissa Lind 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 5

Is there anyway to speed up the processing speed with Interact Builder? It works quick on the first couple pages, but with every page it gets slower and slower, when I start to get to the back of the book (page 10 or 11), it's so slow that I watch a movie at the same time so that I don't lose my motivation to keep working on it. 

I have no idea what that involves and it's probably a long term issue, but it would be such a boon for user experience if you could eliminate the down time. 



The processing speed depends on how many elements you have on your current working page and also on how your CPU is used.So if you have opened for example another 5 processes and you work on a page with let's say 40 elements, InteractBuilder will act slower. [ALIN]

What Alin mentioned above is very true.  We are working on this very issue for version 3.4 and hopefully you will find the application performing better.  Once 3.4 is out we would like to hear from you again to see if you are still experiencing any speed issues.


Basic graphic tools

Moshe Caine 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 3

I know IB3 is not a design tool. Nevertheless it would be very helpful to have some very basic graphic entry tools: Line, circle, rectangle, color fill, etc.

Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago
Just for reference, I wanted to note that these features are now available. For more information on using shape elements, click here: Shape Element.