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doll saiko 2 months ago in By Screen / Select 0



当時、腹部と乳房の奇妙な部分(内部にゲルが入っている)を除いて、シリコーンは硬すぎました。特に腰と太ももは弾力性と柔軟性に欠けています。新製品の「ドッキング」効果は非常に優れていることがわかり(私の素敵な罪、これが148 cmを選択した理由です)、表面処理の品質と詳細は他のすべてのブランド(私の意見)に匹敵しません。とにかく値段はリーズナブルだと思います!ラブドール残念ながら、あなたが遭遇した問題はあまりにも頻繁でした。


幸いなことに、それらは修正されました。改良された関節、柔らかく、さらに柔らかなシリコーン、多関節指は完全に改訂され、信頼性と信頼性が向上しています。 TPE人形を選択しても、その信頼性は保証されません。いくつかは非常に美しく、絶妙ですが、この素材は壊れやすいです。現在、いくつかの「ロリラブドール物語」モデルが立っています。他のモデルについては、私がアリスのためにしたように人をだますことができます。アリスは立ちませんでしたが、実際は腰に寄りかかって、足はバランスを保つことしかできませんでした。購入する前に見た男性の性人形を批判することは正しくないため、質問に答えることは困難です。


In builder, png objects are not selectable anymore clicking on the empty areas of the selection box. Is it the same after publishing?

Roi Zorro 7 years ago in By Screen / Select updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 1

Hi! It seems that with the last update (3.3) objects can be selected only by clicking on the actual fill of the object, not just by clicking anywhere within the square box that frames them. E.g: if you had a ball before, it became selected also when clicking on the corners outside the ball but inside the selection box; or if you had a text imported así a graphic png object,  it was selectable also by clicking in the gap between lines, given that it was inside this selection box. I wanted only to confirm that this doesn't happen anymore also after publishing the app, either.. it would be great, since I have text-graphic objects that are divided into paragraphs with empty spaces in between where other objects underneath should be selectable..


Roi, we need to investigate this issue.  I was able to recreate exactly what you are describing, let me check with our developers to see if that was done on purpose.  We will be releasing an update this week which will address this issue.


Renaming project group is really creating a new group

Anita Sølver 7 years ago in By Screen / Select updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 2
When you rename a group on the Projects screen, it actually doesn't rename the folder, but creates a new one.

I almost fell of my chair, when my app was gone after renaming the project group it was in. Of course, I went to the folder, to see if it was still there, and it was. In a folder with the old name.

I would suggest that you actually rename the group/folder, instead of creating a new one. Especially since you call it "rename".

Or at least tell, that the apps inside is still available in the old folder :)
Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago
Just updating this thread to note that this problem has been fixed. Renaming a project group changes the name of the folder, and the project group contains the same apps as it did before it was renamed.

Feedback via IB3 crashes

Ranco 7 years ago in By Screen / Select updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 0

At least on Windows 7...

This is what I get by clicking "Feedback":