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image and audio cleanup

Ranco fa 7 anys updated by Павел Лещишин fa 2 anys 4

Could be a good idea, just like clean cache, to have a button that scans the resources in the books folder and delete whatever is not used. The folders are getting larger and larger whenever one deletes an animation or a bitmap and loads it again. It all duplicates and there's no way to delete the duplicated items. Even if I delete them manually I still see them in the lists of images/audio files I can use, which is confusing.


In version 3.2 during the Share and Publish process we actually cleanup the final output so only the elements used in the app are in the app that is shared and/or distributed.


background music

mark fa 7 anys updated by Inna Komarovsky fa 6 anys 6

Is there a way to add background music that keeps playing when you turn the pages? If I want to have a song play from page 3 to 12 for example.

Inna Komarovsky fa 6 anys
This feature is now available in the Page Properties. Under a page's audio settings, you can specify that the page audio should be continuous. 

insert picture reader takes with devise into specified location on an app

Ann K AlteredEssence fa 7 anys updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) fa 7 anys 0

request: to be able to take a picture with iphone or ipad (or other reader devise) and have it insert the pic into a specified location on the app.


Planned for version 3.4 (towards end of the year)


Tubidy | Tubidy Mobi

tubidy fa 3 anys updated by anonymous fa 1 any 4

Over the MUYAP Tubidy MP3 Downloads Why not Stop Them!

illgeal law against both men in a way Tubidy MP3 download of the site remains well MUYAP silence. Tubidy after the complaint had been penalized by Google but not enough.
Over the MUYAP Tubidy MP3 Downloads Why not Stop Them! MUYAP Pirates Dura Den-up
Despite all the warnings and complaints Tubidy site is Internet piracy continues to provide opportunities to make MP3 download. Although a number of initiatives both informative legal opinion on the subject, not exactly call pirates stopped the MP3 download.

Pirates MUYAP even need most to fight with MP3 Tubidy case against shrouded in silence. Both artists as well as art lovers to be responsive in desperation against piracy. Music lovers moving subject again to the public, the organization wants to remind the MÜYAP purpose.

MU-YAP (Linked Entitled Phonogram Producers Professional Association) in Turkey that came together and formed the producers of phonograms, 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works Act Article 42 is a professional organization established under the circumstances. Short name MU-YAP is linked Entitled Trade Association of Producers of Phonograms, was established in Istanbul on August 3, 2000.

MU-YAP, a member of the International Federation of Phonographic Industry. Some 80 percent of Turkey's music industry; It is to represent the entire foreign repertoire, which represents its member companies before the music producer of 72.

Take all legal permits, paying the fee, records, tapes, CDs, DVDs, digital music etc. By the determination of the sound carrier, it only cost money to transport the listener. The reproduction of sound recordings without permission and is struggling to prevent the use and awareness of the public on this issue.

Affiliate News
Related NewsTubidy Music Download Program Copyright obstacle to Takıldı
As a result MUYAP that allows illegally download the MP3 Tubidy must take precautions against the site. Otherwise, hackers will be encouraged MP3 downloads music and the rights of veterans will be usurped. We supply the pirates soon be working strongly to stop the publication of the site is providing Tubidy MP3 downloads.

Source: Tubidy


Add Show Rulers, Show Grid Option / Snap to Grid / View Outlines - to help align assets

Charmaine Anderson fa 7 anys updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) fa 7 anys 0

If possible, please consider adding a "Show Rulers, Show Grid and Snap to Grid" option and maybe also a View Outlines option to help one visually align assets on the stage vertically and horizontally rather than having to view the target coordinates in the info tab.   


We are definitely planning to add this in a future build.


Publish Option - Number of Screenshots

Charmaine Anderson fa 6 anys updated by Inna Komarovsky fa 6 anys 2
I noticed on the Publish option one can only upload 3 screenshots, the Apple iTunes store allows one to upload 5 screenshots… Please enable 5 images to upload as this is very important to help sell one's apps, especially if they are feature rich. If this is already possible, please advise.   Thanks for considering.

The drone stop device

alexytony fa 2 anys updated by anonymous fa 7 mesos 0

How to block a drone?

First of all let me tell u how a signal drone jammer works. Lets take an example of mobile phone signal jammer. So what is does is it just creates radio waves of same frequency on which the mobile functions. As a result the phone gets confused between the two similar frequencies and donot function.

Drone Jammer was designed to neutralize the flight unauthorized Drones/Quadcopters by jamming their downlink signal. It has unique software which allows quickly detecting the drone and jamming the hostile drone from ranges of up to 4km (with special dedicated antennas). The below provides technical description of the system.

It wouldn't make for nice propaganda, but I think those inconspicuous anti-drone (and also anti suicide vest) high power jammer inside civilian trucks are far more effective. Though that's also probably happening in Turkey.

For a local department to justify a drone signal jammer, I would think that they would need to prove that there is a legitimate threat from drones to the community. Now, many small departments own MRAPs or similar vehicles so I could be very wrong.

With the interest in drone jammer from various militaries around the world growing, the company’s shoulder-fired jammer, the drone gun jammer, has been certified safe for human exposure.

British drone users will have to take a multiple-guess quiz before using their Christmas toys this year, while drone users appear to have, once again, got around pre-eminent drone maker DJI's software-based flight restrictions.

The Civil Aviation Authority's Tim Johnson, a policy director, chipped in to say: "We welcome any initiative that reinforces the importance of safe and responsible drone use."

Last year the British government announced that it is Doing Something™ about the perceived threat of drones in the hands of amateurs. This amounts to mandatory registration and safety tests – in effect, licensing. It appears that DJI is hoping its multiple-guess quiz will be incorporated as the testing element of the British licensing scheme, which would put it at even more of a commercial advantage against its rivals.

The anti-drone gadget is a rifle-shaped portable jammer. The Mark II Dronegun will possibly disrupt drone operations by jamming command, control and communication frequencies but it certainly won't disrupt humans who get in its way, according to Australian certification house EMC Technologies (no relation to the big tech firm of similar name).

Desktop drone jammers



Not a bug

Animations not playing in "player"

Clint Sutton fa 7 anys updated by Alin Alexandru Matei fa 7 anys 1

I am having some major issues with animations!  When I add any animation element to the page, and set it to animate on anything, tap or page load etc, it works fine when i preview in the builder "interact".  But when I try view it in the "player" the animation crashes, and I get a bug report!

I have not tested the animations on an iPad as yet, so I do not know if it is the "builder" or the "player"?

Using PC, windows 7, 64bit

Example code pasted below:

InteractBuilder Version: 3.2 Build 307
System: NT 6.1

An application error occurred while attempting to perform the last action.

Restarting InteractBuilder is recommended.

An application error occurred while attempting to perform the last action.

Restarting InteractBuilder is recommended.

Error: Chunk: can't find background / Chunk: can't find object / Object: does not have this property / set: error in source expression
Handler: Behavior_Animate_PlayFrame
Location: Line 3860, char 45
Object: button id 1008 of group id 1010 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractPlayer/InteractPlayer.exe"

87: Line 3860 at char 45: Chunk: can't find background
77: Line 3860 at char 45: Chunk: can't find object
456: Line 3860 at char 38: Object: does not have this property
534: Line 3860 at char 1: set: error in source expression
253: Line 3859 at char 1: if-then: error in statement
241: Line 3859 at char 1: Handler: error in statement ----> Behavior_Animate_PlayFrame
353: Line 0 at char 0: Object Name: ----> button id 1008 of group id 1010 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractPlayer/InteractPlayer.exe"

line 150 of handler "errorDialog" of button "stsErrors_FS" of card id 1002 of stack "libSTSErrors"
line 10890 of handler "DoError" of stack "InteractBuilder" of behavior button "Stack B" of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors"


See if this happens in the latest version 3.2.5.  The iPad version of the Player should be available a little later this week.


Has anybody here upgraded?

D Jones fa 6 anys updated by Inna Komarovsky fa 6 anys 2
Hello, I have been testing out InteractBuilder and so far so good :) I was about to take th eplunge and part with my hard earned cash when I saw a review from a very unhappy lady who upgraded only last week.

I would appreciate some honest feedback please.


Inna Komarovsky fa 6 anys
Hi David! Just a note that you don't need to upgrade until you want to publish or unless you want to use the premium features. Other than those, you can continue using any features of InteractBuilder as much as you want until you're ready to publish an app :)

ability to move info entry screens to access bottom

Ann K AlteredEssence fa 7 anys updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) fa 7 anys 1

cannot reach bottom of entry boxes, even if screen is reduced the entry boxes are off screen and will not move.  The only way I could get to the bottom was to add blank pages ahead of the active page which pushed the active page to pg 11 the top of the second grouping. would it be possible to have these screens float so we could move them up to access the bottom?


This is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed.