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IB4 builder and player both extremely slow

Gabrielle Strouse 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 3
Today I just started building the shell of a new book in IB4.  Right now I have 8 pages, each page has a single image.  Building the book was incredibly slow-- at times I got up and walked away from the computer while waiting for it to just change from one page to another.  Now I have it previewing on interactplayer.com and it takes literally 10 seconds between when I press to go to the next page and when it loads.  This seems crazy--considering each page only contains one single jpg right now.  I tried rebooting my computer.  Any other ideas?
Under review
Hi Gabrielle,
Do the images have very high pixels per inch ratio or very large dimensions?
In the App Properties, is the "Preload All Pages Before Playback" field set to "Yes?"

Yes, the app is set to preload images.  The images are created by saving a pdf as a jpg, so they vary in size and quality. They are large in dimension - they cover the entire page - and range from 34 to 700KB.
It could be that the size of the images is causing the slower speed. Could you open one of the images in Photoshop or another image editing program and check what resolution it is using? We recommend using a resolution of 72 ppi.