Chain Action in the Action Set is not invoked

Truman Kong 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 5
I am testing the IB_4.0.1, and found that the chain action is not working. That means, the first action work properly and do just as expected, but all the actions set after it in the chain, are not invoked.

The player is already player_4.0.1
Under review
I was able to recreate this situation and forwarded to our lead developer. Thank you for your feedback.
Me too. I have two pages. Both have
tap: animate self > show some element > fade out some element > fade in some element.

On both pages the 1st two actions work. #3 and 4 do not. I moved those to their own tap chain, now they work.
Is this the situation you are trying to create?
Chain behaviors.zip

Everything works fine as shown in the attached sample app.