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I have a page where the reader paints with their finger and change color by touching paint brushes in different colors.  I also have an eraser on the page which I can't get to work as i would like. Currently it will erase if I set it to erase but if I use set erase mode it erases the eraser, in either case  I would like the reader to be able to paint, then hit the eraser and erase what they want and then hit a paintbrush again to begin painting without having to change pages to reset the page. If that is possible would you please explain how to do this?  I could not find it described in the user guide or any posts.



Does the eraser image have the action set Tap-SetEraseMode with the option "Eraser On" set to "Yes?"

Thanks Inna.  I added the Eraser On set to yes however when I tap the eraser it doesn't let the eraser element move with the erase action.  Once the erase action begins, the eraser element stops moving and just the erase action moves around erasing the drawn lines. I want the eraser element to move along with the eraser action.  Additionally, I can’t stop the eraser once it begins and then I can’t get the colors to paint again once the eraser action is activated. I would like the reader to be able to paint, erase any errors and begin painting again.  Any ideas?

To turn off the eraser, set erase mode to "No" when the user taps any of the drawing tools or color options. Make sure that these tools are all outside of the drawing constraints (or constraint element)

Currently there isn't a specific option to drag an element on the screen to erase the lines. Erasing directly with the finger is how it usually works in drawing apps, and it's quite intuitive. If you'd like to add this option though, feel free to request it here in the feedback forum! :)

Let us know how it works out. Also you can check out page nine of the sample book, A Day with the Butterflies, to see an example of a drawing and erasing page in action.

Thanks, I changed the set up, now 2 stationary erasers are on my page one with an x on top to stop the erase and it is working very well and it looks OK too.  I'll put in the request to be able to somehow link the erase action to an element.  Thanks again.

Sounds great, Ann! Thank you for your comments! : )

Hey Inna,

I downloaded your SetEraseMode book to figure out the drawing/erase components. It's great, except the erase mode doesn't seem to work now. Just draws instead. I looked around for "A Day with Butterflies" but wasn't able to find it.

Is the old forum still active or are we suppose to post everything here?

Thanks in advance!

Is there a reason that all of your layers are hidden in design mode?

I love these sample apps!!! Boston is super cool. Great way to learn. Is there a reason there are only three in the dropdown menu from the builder? It would be great to have a bunch of them easy to access.

Thanks again.

Oh yeah. Yet another question. Thanks for your patience:)

Is it better to start new posts if a particular one is "answered"?

How do you incorporate changing colors as well. Is that in the butterfly book?

Hi Melissa, 

1)if a post is "answered" it will be better to start a new topic if the theme of the post is about something else.

2)The porpose of hidding the layers in design mode is to access the other layers easier.

3)It will be better to post all the problems on this feedback site, since we like to make the transition from the old one to this one.

4)For the changing colors: every color circle has a SetColor behavior so that the color with which you want to draw is selected.

The SetErase Mode book has all of the layers hidden, is that on purpose?

Is that all that needs to be set for a color swatch: "SetColor". How does it know to be connected to "FreeDraw"? Is it possible to add these actions to the SetEraseMode book example?

Thanks again!