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Back in 2011 Ezra instructed us to place our TTF font file in the book folder to ensure it is copied to the device - especially for unique custom fonts. Is this still the case today? We place it in the top level of "101 - My Book"?



From what I know, at this moment the feature to add a new font is not available yet.
Ok this is alarming, I have many unique non-system fonts for graphics output. The instruction guide does not mention anything about font files.

If IB 3.x no longer supports non-system fonts, we need to know this so we don't use them. We need IB to explicitly list what fonts are safe for each system - iOs, Android, Windows.


UPDATE 2/5/2014 Great responses, and I can live with the common fonts, so can't complain.
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From what I know, at this moment the future to add a new font is not available yet.
From what I know, at this moment the feature to add a new font is not available yet.
Don't mean to offend, just worried! For now I guess I am going to have to change all my text to some safe cross-system font. Oh the excitement of Arial.
My book needs Comic Sans MS, that loads in InteractBuilder on the Mac, but does not upload.  Is there a timeframe for being able to upload a specific font?  Is there a list of fonts that the InteractBuilder supports?
If you're interested in using unique fonts in your app, I would highly recommend creating graphic elements of the text areas of your app. Different devices are unable to display certain fonts. (In the list of typefaces in InteractBuilder, some have the Apple logo next to them to signify that they will show up correctly on Apple devices.) So using graphic elements will guarantee that the font will be the one you want, no matter what :)
Thanks Inna, being a web dev I'm familiar with that approach :) Unfortunately this text is using narration. Ironically, I switched to Verdana for now, and frankly it's more readable, better for the kids.

PS Your Anime tutorial has been a major help, thank you!!
I'm so glad that you found the tutorial helpful! :) Thank you!
That's a good point about the typefaces -- it seems the more widely-used typefaces are the most readable ones.
If you're using highlighting, then a text element is the way to go. If a text box only needs narration, then the audio file can be assigned to that element using the PlayAudio behavior.