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Some problems with the shared app

cathy lane 7 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 7 years ago 0

I have just shared my app with myself- testing 5 pages of my
book again- it took many goes before I managed to down load it? Not sure if it
is because of interference at our end. I am using version 3.2.10 interactbuilder and
I downloaded the new player. What follows are my observations of some problems with the shared app:

I have drastically
reduced the size of the animations- reduced the size-pixel number - and no of
frames. I also changed files to 8 bit PNG as opposed to the 24 bit I originally
had. They are still running a bit slow but are better than the last time I
shared my app- unfortunately not as good as they are in the builder – will this
improve when the app is published?

I have 3 tiny 5 frame animations on a loop they have- transition- linear behaviour- applied to them and they all start on page opening.  The more you return to this
page the slower the linear movement gets. I originally had a longer animation
on a path. I used the transition to reduce the no of frames and the file size-
worked better before.

Also the linear behaviour of an on/off button is very slow and sometimes moves erratically.

I have another linear behaviour applied to another image (not an animation) with a bounce and an invert on bounce horizontally. When it bounces and inverts it leaves behind a part of the image- (the echidna has 2 heads!). This wasn’t a problem last time I shared the app.

The text is almost right this time except on one page the last word has been sent to the next line. I will try lengthening the box maybe this will help? It doesn’t happen anywhere else in the app.

Apart from these points it looks good. Sorry I have so many problems. I appreciate your help and advice.

Cathy Lane