Page not working

Paul Snakes 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 3
Hi ! I am testing my app on the new engine (IB4.0). Everything seems to work well (appart from the global elements not showing on the Design Mode; but apparently working on Player) but when I arrive to page 11; then nothing works! I have only "Jump to page" behaviours on that page (and some fade in behaviours), that are triggered tapping on empty graphic objects (invisible objects) put on top of other graphics. The same structure works fine on other pages, but strangely, on that specific page they don't work at all, not even the "go to previous / next page" behaviour!

I can't imagine why... please, could you check it?

Under review
Could you please send the app to inna@interactstudios.com? I'll see if I can find a reason for the problem.
Done Inna. I've sent you a dropbox link with my app folder inside; and also shared the app with you. 

Just updating this post for future reference. The problem was caused by accent marks in file names, and it was fixed in version 4.0.8 so that file names can include letters with accent marks.