Manage elements toolbar

Melissa Lind 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 7 years ago 4

I LOVE the manage elements toolbar. Really great flexibility. The one thing, that could improve it is if it were possible to move the toolbar out of the way. Sometimes I forget what I'm doing if I can't see the layout and the toolbar is usually right in the middle.




Planned for version 3.5

I expand the app to full screen, that helps. Also you can reduce the zoom size to get to it.

When the toolbar is open it ought to auto-update after these actions:
1 change an element name
2 navigate to a different page
It should also auto-update when you:

3 delete an element
4 add an element
5 change the layer for an element
You're right, I see it working now.
Ah the case is when you have it open and create a new page, apply a template, it doesn't get updated, even after changing an element name.