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Find cheaper airfare and travel much more. The Google Flights and Google Flights  is another one of those ingenious tools that any traveler must use to travel spending less! To book hotels and lodgings,  Booking.com operates as a hotel search engine. Here you can find hotels in more than 200 countries, see the recommendation of other tourists and make sure you have made the best deal.

Google Flights works the same way, except for airline tickets. This Google innovation brings a price comparator for air travel, which in addition to showing you the route and the most economical day for your trip, also offers an option to save a desired route and to know when there are promotional prices for a destination.

All this work for free, without charging fees or intermediation, you buy the ticket directly in the airline you want, then just pack and bon voyage !


Ideal for those who are looking for more economical options at the time of travel, with this tool you can also search for multiple flights, complete information about flights, whether or not there are stopovers and connections, use segmented search filters and more.


With the interactive calendar, Google tells you which is the best day to fly during the chosen period. With this you can discover the cheapest date to travel, without having to open dozens of screens in your browser or consult an agency.



You can also save your chosen route and monitor the values frequently. Whenever there are air deals check your list of routes and see if there are promotional values for your destination.


Perfect for those who are on time or have a flexible itinerary, the tool provides a map where you can compare more economical values in cities near the destination you chose. On the map itself you get this information.


For long-term travelers, you can also search for multiple flights / destinations, and you can select the desired dates and routes separately, making it much easier to organize your trip.


Use the filters to avoid falling into holes, not always the most economical flight is the best. Some require you to do hours and more hours of stopovers and connections, or have higher transportation costs to get to the airport, and what was to be an economy could become a greater cost or wear.

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