The drone stop device

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How to block a drone?

First of all let me tell u how a signal drone jammer works. Lets take an example of mobile phone signal jammer. So what is does is it just creates radio waves of same frequency on which the mobile functions. As a result the phone gets confused between the two similar frequencies and donot function.

Drone Jammer was designed to neutralize the flight unauthorized Drones/Quadcopters by jamming their downlink signal. It has unique software which allows quickly detecting the drone and jamming the hostile drone from ranges of up to 4km (with special dedicated antennas). The below provides technical description of the system.

It wouldn't make for nice propaganda, but I think those inconspicuous anti-drone (and also anti suicide vest) high power jammer inside civilian trucks are far more effective. Though that's also probably happening in Turkey.

For a local department to justify a drone signal jammer, I would think that they would need to prove that there is a legitimate threat from drones to the community. Now, many small departments own MRAPs or similar vehicles so I could be very wrong.

With the interest in drone jammer from various militaries around the world growing, the company’s shoulder-fired jammer, the drone gun jammer, has been certified safe for human exposure.

British drone users will have to take a multiple-guess quiz before using their Christmas toys this year, while drone users appear to have, once again, got around pre-eminent drone maker DJI's software-based flight restrictions.

The Civil Aviation Authority's Tim Johnson, a policy director, chipped in to say: "We welcome any initiative that reinforces the importance of safe and responsible drone use."

Last year the British government announced that it is Doing Something™ about the perceived threat of drones in the hands of amateurs. This amounts to mandatory registration and safety tests – in effect, licensing. It appears that DJI is hoping its multiple-guess quiz will be incorporated as the testing element of the British licensing scheme, which would put it at even more of a commercial advantage against its rivals.

The anti-drone gadget is a rifle-shaped portable jammer. The Mark II Dronegun will possibly disrupt drone operations by jamming command, control and communication frequencies but it certainly won't disrupt humans who get in its way, according to Australian certification house EMC Technologies (no relation to the big tech firm of similar name).

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