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Binance - Exchange with own crypto currency

Not many crypto and trader exchange exchanges from any level of experience need to be dealt with on several trading floors. As practice shows, not all of them are able to work stably and for a long time, and therefore, to diversify, it would not be an exaggeration to distribute their assets to different exchanges. An excellent choice for such security measures is probably the Binance Exchange, which confidently breathes behind most of the top ranked competitors. What kind of exchange is this and what's different from the rest - this is the main topic of this article.

Binance - TOP Exchanges
The crypto currency market is full of confusion, and it's not just about coins, but also the exchange for their trade. A few months ago, from the pedestal, all the famous and beloved "Wormwoods" had been overthrown, and we had not recovered after

Binance is a stock exchange, the official site on Jl www.binance.com, was born not long ago, but its popularity is growing very actively. Attention to the trading platform is not in vain - it has its own chips, which Binans can boast about, because other exchanges in many ways miss them. But we will not get too advanced - let's talk about everything in order.

Binance today takes 3 on a daily turnover, which exceeds $ 3 billion. It is hard to imagine that this successful exchange in just a few months in his job - his official launch took place in the spring of 2017. The crucial role in active attention to resources is played by the fact that the exchange launched not in the traditional way, but done with all my heart in the form of ICO. Investors have paid attention to the project and expressed their trust by investing in Binance coins over 15 $ million By the way, among the investors there are also quite large, and these companies support Binance today.

The success of Binance.com has been predetermined by the fact that the project initially had a strong team. In particular, to this day, certain Changpeng Zhao, linked to such famous giants as "Bloomberg", where he worked previously, and Blockchain.info, manages the trading platform. There is information that Zhao had time to cooperate with the stock exchange - previously in his workbook there is a site called OKCoin. In general, work on such well-known and successful projects encourages the idea that someone has enough experience in the blockbuster industry. Another important person in Binance.com's leadership is Yi Xe, in the past having to do with the same number of founders of OKCoin.

Why are some unknown exchanges making it into the top three in terms of daily turns? Honestly, it is not surprising that this young and ambitious theme park chooses a palm tree from its more difficult counterparts. And all because Binance has the lowest commissions and can offer lightning operations for its users.

Among the reasons Binance popularity:

Commission is low, which is only 0.05% -0.1%. Most other exchanges charge a fee of 0.2% -0.25% for the operation of their users.
Transaction speed reaches 1.5 million per second.
216 for crypto currency pair is available for trading.
The management of positive exchanges about young coins, especially after the ICO, and therefore often the project for the first time put their tokens into the world on Binance.
Working with Binance is easier: there is a clear interface, all the tools necessary for analysis and trading, personal functional cabinet. There is even a Russian version of this site (though somewhat clumsy), in one word - to understand Binance pages is not difficult.
You can use the exchange without passing verification - if you will not display more than 2 PTS per day, then you will not need it.
But Binance also has a significant disadvantage - the exchange does not work with fiat currency. This can create a certain inconvenience for the user in the form of a need to change funds for crypto currency, but a small loss from the site can be safely forgiven. In the future, Fiat support can be added, but verification rules and restrictions can be tightened significantly, as the fight against money laundering will be topical for Binance administration. In the meantime, we have practical freedom of action and wide trading opportunities.

Binance: registration and cooperation with the exchange
We started working on Binance exchange by starting our account, created via the «List» button on the main page

The next step is to fill in the registration form. A lot of talk about yourself is not necessary, because to create your account

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