Can I take a shower with my sex doll?

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We can take a shower with sex dolls. This is a question that many people will ask, hoping to increase their relationship more and maintain a complete relationship with their companion silicone. Even if it still exists, it is necessary to take some precautions and not to hurt his companions.

You have chosen a sex doll to have a complete relationship with her. Not just sexual pleasure. Your adult doll is accompanied by every moment of your personal life. She eats with you, watches TV, and stays with you at night.

There is a moment when you want to share it with your silicone doll, it is a bath or shower. To answer the question of whether to take a bath with a sex doll, you must first know if your doll is made of silicone or TPE. As we saw in the article on the different materials for making dolls, there is a big difference between the two.

Take a bath with a sex doll...not a silicone
One thing is for sure. In both cases, you must always clean your silicone dolls, whether it is his body or the inner sexy part. If you like to take a hot bath and avoid using dolls in TPE, you may cause significant damage to your partner because of its porous structure. She may lose a bit of sex and become a bit sticky. So it is best not to drink a warm bath, not too hot.

If you decide to bathe with a sex doll silicone, you won't encounter the shortcomings. Remember, it's more expensive, but it also has some advantages.

But there is one important thing, never put your head and hair under the water. To clean your face and hair, special products can be used.
For wigs, use a simple shampoo and conditioner to clean separately. The wig is allowed to air dry without using a hair dryer. The device is also completely undesirable throughout the body.

For the face, just use gloves with antibacterial soap. Dry the face and body with a towel and do not leave water in the body or inside to avoid mold. In the context of the doll TPE, more precautions are needed.

Once dry, using baby powder will keep your tpe dolls skin smooth and soft.

tpe real doll

To choose a sex doll, you must also find a store that provides a good guarantee for the customer. First of all, we must ensure that all the dolls are of good quality and are manufactured in Chinese factories. It is worthy of the name, and there are already brands listed to guarantee the best service.

On the uloversdoll website, you will get the best silicone dolls and the best brands. With a simple navigation, the site allows you to choose from a wide range of categories, whether they are the brand, material or size of the sex doll you want to get.

The size of the doll ranges from 140 cm to 180 cm, not to mention the love dolls, you can start to customize your silicone woman. These accessories also have many possible faces, wigs, so that his hair has your favorite color and length. Eyes, skin tone, manicure, and even the color of the nipple and vagina. As always, the hair of the vagina is adaptive, more for fetishes, and you can even decorate your future partner with beautiful choices.