Useing wifi jammer devices to block bluetooth signal

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In recent years, bluetooth technology has made a major breakthrough, but Bluetooth itself has great hidden dangers in terms of security. The first pairing of Bluetooth requires PIN verification. The PIN code only consists of numbers, typically 4 to 6 digits. After the PIN code is generated, the device automatically encrypts the PIN code using the E2 or E3 encryption algorithm that comes with Bluetooth, and then transmits the identity for authentication. In this process, hackers are likely to crack the PIN by intercepting the packet, disguising it as a target Bluetooth device, or using a "violent attack." At this point we need a Bluetooth jammers to prevent this from happening.

Electronic products such as smartphones around us all have Bluetooth capabilities, and many of us are used to "sharing" music and voice in public places without turning off Bluetooth devices. The portable WiFi signal jammer can disconnect unwanted Bluetooth signals and prevent unnecessary privacy leaks. Most Bluetooth interfering devices can not only interfere with WiFi 2.4GHz frequency, but also interfere with CDMA GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signals, and the design is small and portable, easy to carry, which is praised by many young fans.

wifi jammer

The use of WiFi is becoming more and more common. It can help people share files and transfer documents. However, some hackers also use some illegal technology to steal other people's data and achieve their illegal legal interests. Once personal data is at risk, it will bring us significant losses, and even some more terrible things. The WiFi blocker is full-featured, small in size, and the price is only a few dozens of dollars. It is definitely a commendable product.

The tracker is a kind of positioning device that monitors the GPS signal of the space through the tracker host, analyzes the GPS signal and calculates its own geodetic coordinates, and then reports its own position through the wireless network such as GSM/CDMA. Detective companies often attach to vehicles to install GPS tracker, which is very risky. In order to protect privacy, many car owners buy gps signal jammers to prevent gps location tracking.

The best way to block your location and prevent others from tracking is to purchase and install a gps jammer. Currently, the most popular portable mini GPS jammer on the market is small in design and can be carried around with a car charger. The price is only a few tens of dollars. When the device is working, it will not affect other electronic devices in the vicinity, such as the phone can talk normally, send messages, etc.