Match Condition only fire on one element (Last tapped one)

Truman Kong 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Ken Ray 6 years ago 8
I am working on your newest 4.0.6 verion. Unlike the previous version, the Matched or Not Matched condition only fire on the Element that is tapped last. (You need to tap 2 elements to see if they matched).

Is there any way to fire the condition on the first tapped element?

If not? The Memory Game in your user guide cannot work at all. (As I have made a similar game based on the Memory Game).

There is no way we can find out which Element is tapped first. Hence, we cannot do any action on it.

Under review
Could you tell us what behavior are you trying to trigger with Matched Not Matched condition?
If not matched, I try to put back the Mask On for the two unmatched elements.
If matched, I will try to hide both elements.
Hi Truman,
The matching behaviors work a little differently in IB4, so I'm working on updating the instructions in the user guide. I'll post them here as soon as I finish. Basically, instead of the "Matched" and "NotMatched" interactions, we have conditions: "If Match of {MatchText} Occurred" and "If Match of {MatchText} Did Not Occur."
Hi Inna, 

I am using exactly the  "If Match of {MatchText} Occurred" and "If Match of {MatchText} Did Not Occur." conditions.
I know the changes, that's why I am fixing my Matching game according to your changes in IB4.

I already got your new sample App of how to use these new conditions in the previous feedback post. 

I am just saying that the new implementation of matching behaviour is not complete, you cannot re-do the Memory Game using the new IB4.
I was able to reproduce this situation and forwarded to our lead developer. Thank you for your feedback.
Do you have any idea when this problem could be fixed? As I am very close to finish upgrading my App to IB4, but this function is really important to me, as one of my game uses this function extensively.