Deleted actions keep reappearing

Charmaine Anderson 7 year бұрын в By Screen / Design updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 7 year бұрын 0
I noticed actions that have been deleted are reappearing, even upon restart of computer.  Happens when I have chained actions, i.e..,
On Tap > Animate graphic element > No looping
On Tap Play mp3 audio clip,
On Tap Fill a different graphic Element  with color,
On Tap fill another graphic Element with color.  
Then chain all to one on Tap action.  
If you delete one of the Fill color actions and try to reset the action on the deleted action, the deleted action set reappears in the action set manager.

Thanks for looking into this.


This bug will be fixed in the coming version of the builder. Thank you for the feedback