Element Property Menu not visible on screen for elements off screen

Data Command 6 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 6 years ago 3
I am trying to build a 10 frame wide scrolling popup menu using the great tutorial provided.  The problem is that I cannot access the properties on the menu thumbnails that are extended off the screen.  When I make IB full screen I can access most of them, but the when I select the farthest off-screen graphic element from the popup menu the props menu is off the screen and I cannot edit the properties.  If I had a higher resolution screen I could edit the properties but I am maxed out at 1440 x 900.  Is there a way to move the properties menu back to the screen?  What happens on the iPad?
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A solution for this will be to view the book at smaller %. In your case the book is viewed at 79%. Change the view by clicking that number and make it smaller. Let us know if that helped. Thank you for your feedback.
Thanks, Alin!  I that's gonna get me over the hump!