MaskOn Behavior act strangely

Truman Kong 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 6 years ago 4
1) I am rebuilding my App to IB4.0.1, the maskOn Behavior act strangely. I have a memory game built based on your example from the tutorial. The MaskOn Behavior cannot cover the original images when being trigger. (you need to have more than one MaskOn image trigger at the same time)

2) The shuffleGroup also messed up the MaskOn Behavior. Some mask do not show up.

I suggest you redo your Memory Game Tutorial in IB4.0.1 and see the results.

I know you guys are busy in putting out new patches to fix the problems. I am reporting, just in case you do not know about this bug.
Oh, also please give us some information about the changes in Match behavior.How should we handle Match in IB4. The best way is to update the Memory Game Tutorial and show us how to use it.
Under review
Hello, it seems there is a problem with having multiple masked elements on the same page. I've forwarded this situation to our lead developer. Thank you for your feedback.
As for the Match behaviors here is a sample app to see how the Match behaviors act:
Match behaviors.zip
You now do the action set you wanted to occur when a Matched or Not Matched behavior happen but with condition. For example if you want a FadeInOut behavior to happen when a Matched action occurs you do for the elements a Tap-FadeInOut behavior with condition: Match Text <the wanted text> Occured.