4.0 Version - When will it be released?

Adrienne Brown 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 5
Where is the 4.0 version? I thought it was going to be released 08/31/14.
We have in fact released version 4.0 earlier today.
I just downloaded the InteractBuilder 4.0 and have more problems now. Everything is moved. All of my elements are not in the same place as they were. The Interact mode doesn't work. It just pops up tells me to login to my account then gives me an option to share, publish, etc, when I just want to view that slide as the last interact builder did.

Please email me at info@whatifideasdesign.com, I had a few edits to do and my launch date for my client was September 5th, now with this update, it looks like I have to redo the entire app and build it in 3 different dimension specifications all over, missing my launch date and losing business and money.

Like I said, Email me asap - info@whatifideasdesign.com