Is it possible to make certain words in a text element bold, italic, or underlined?

West Bolz 6 years ago in By Screen / Design updated 6 years ago 5
Under review
At this moment you can use these styles for text:

But you can make the text underlined by adding a Shape element ( a line) and add in below the text element.
No, I am talking about within an element.  Can I use <B> or something to change the style of one word in a line without making a separate element.
The only possible way to do what you want is by creating the text element in another program like Photoshop,save it as a PNG file and then import that in InteractBuilder as a Graphical Element.
Somehow, sometimes while entering text, I will start a new line and it has become italicized.  I am not sure how it is doing this, I backspace up to the last line, press return again, and it returns to regular.  So there is some method it should work, but I haven't figured it out.