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Player publishes different than "Interact"

c vega 7 years ago in By Screen / Publish updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 7 years ago 6
Hello! I have had problems in the upload and download of my app. The app runs fine in my Mac. When uploading it, runs smoothly. However, when downloading it in the iPad, the Player reports missing zips, hence, the app dose not run properly. Pls advise.


Under review
Try to share a one page app to your iPad and let us know if that app will open. Thank you for the feedback.
Under review
Try to share a one page app to your iPad and let us know if that app will open. Thank you for the feedback.
Hi Alin!.  I did and while uploading the following image appeared.

I have noticed this same error in the app that I was referring to.  This was just one page app with a 36-page animation and a 6sec audio.  Before opening it in the iPad, I reinstalled the Player.  A missing zip file error appeared and the frames ran without music.

Advise? Comments?? Solutions???

Many thanks!

Could you uninstall IB3 and install a fresh copy of it, then try to share the sample app again. Let us know if this fixed this situation.
Thanks! I did and so far...so good.  I could upload without error reports and download in the iPad without msgs of missing zip files.

Now, I will try the same with my real app.  If I encounter any issues, I will let you know.

Thank you again!

I encountered this same situation when trying to share.  I made this observation.  When I opened InteractBuilder and moved throughout the pages and went between design and interact mode, if I went immediately to "share" I had problems and got these same messages.

So I have taken the following precaution.  When I want to "share" I quit IB completely.  Then I restart IB, pick my project and go immediately to "share" without doing any design or interact.  Then I do not have any problems sharing and receive no error messages.
I will try to do this.  Thank you, Judy!!
Hi Alin!
Folllowing the previous comment, I did share my complete app.  Even if I had no error msg when uploading, it did report three missing zip files while downloading.  When I opened it, the global scroll menu set had altered all the memory-game pages, as well as animations in between.  I deleted the global feature in it.  Upload it again.  Games were recovered, some animation were not.  The scroll menu does not stay within the constraints (both, image in the back and thumbnails).   When jumping back to a page, the frame animation in it was gone and some tap interactions were vvveeerrrryyyyy ssssllllooowwwww! 

H e l p!