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Laci Morgan 7 years ago in Services / Voice Over 0

Let me bring your project to life! I provide professional voiceovers, everything from children's voices to a soccer mom to sophisticated narrations. Take a listen to my demos at, or listen to my work on the Interact Books "Peep's Spring Surprise" and the upcoming "Scribble Scrabble."  


How can include a narration reader record function?

Robert Marier 5 years ago in Services / Voice Over updated by Inna Komarovsky 5 years ago 3
Inna Komarovsky 5 years ago
Hi there,

The behaviors that allow the user of the final app to record their voice are being updated, so they're not available at this time. For now, narration can only be added during the app building process using the behaviors in the "Audio" behavior category. We'll have the recording behaviors included in one of the next few updates.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
Inna Komarovsky
Inna Komarovsky 5 years ago
Hi Robert,

If the narration is set as the "Page Audio" in each page's properties menu, then you can use the ToggleAudio behavior to turn narration on or off.

If, instead, the narration happens by PlayAudio behaviors on the pages of your app, then you can use the conditions feature to let the user control the audio of the app. Here's our user guide article that talks about creating an app-wide toggle using counters and conditions: Creating a Toggle for Narration, Language, etc.