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Good, I never thought of setting it to 1ms. Thanks
I have the same problem too. I test on my iPad, it will not load with more than 1 page. I don't think my pages are too complicated, as they are having the same behaviour.
Do you have any idea when this problem could be fixed? As I am very close to finish upgrading my App to IB4, but this function is really important to me, as one of my game uses this function extensively.
So there is no dedicated App to play the shared App? We need to use a browser to run the App on iPad?
By the way, I tried to open the from the iPad using Safari and Chrome, both of them crashes when I am about to load and run the shared App. My iPad2 and version of Chrome is 38.2125.59 nad Safari is the latest. And running on iOS7.
Hi Inna, 

I am using exactly the  "If Match of {MatchText} Occurred" and "If Match of {MatchText} Did Not Occur." conditions.
I know the changes, that's why I am fixing my Matching game according to your changes in IB4.

I already got your new sample App of how to use these new conditions in the previous feedback post. 

I am just saying that the new implementation of matching behaviour is not complete, you cannot re-do the Memory Game using the new IB4.
If not matched, I try to put back the Mask On for the two unmatched elements.
If matched, I will try to hide both elements.
You are right. I supposed the (none) interaction is listening to the counter value (as it was true in IB3.4), and the action is fired upon the change of counter value. But maybe the new version do not support this anymore?

If this is the only way to do in IB4, that means all the actions have to be done within the element, which change the value of the counter?? 

Is this a bug or is the a new implementation in IB4?
Oh, also please give us some information about the changes in Match behavior.How should we handle Match in IB4. The best way is to update the Memory Game Tutorial and show us how to use it.
That means I am stuck. I try to convert my current App to IB 4.0, and found a lot of function not working properly (including match - I did a small memory game based on your tips and tricks tutorial. which used to work perfectly), and some of the pages are not loaded to the InteractPlayer for reasons that I cannot find out. 

I cannot move on with my development. So I fall back to 3.4 and finish my demo. Now, I cannot share it, which means I cannot present to my senior manager.

The changes in IB 4.0 is too radical and not backward compatible. You should at least give user an option to continue with the older version until all the issues in IB 4.0 are solved.