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It only takes that time when it needs to load new assets, otherwise it should be pretty quick.  In our experience and opinion the benefits of the new engine far outweigh the old method of running locally.  In a future update we may have a way to run local using the new engine, we are investigating those options.

To test your app on the iPad, simply login into the InteractPlayer as the same user as you logged in on the Builder.  You no longer have to share the app.  Simply log into the InteractPlayer site and click on the icon to run the app.

As far as testing multiple pages, make sure when you click Interact, you choose the ALL PAGES option.

For more detail see the user guide here:
Try deleting the InteractApp.RDB file from the folder and then open the app again.  This should resolve the issue.
Have you tried just a single page app to see if there isn't a communication issue going on with our server?
Can you send us a one page sample?
Your device count has been increased and the device list has been cleared.  You should be all set.
For your apps that converted but won't load go ahead and delete the file InteractApp.RDB from the folder, and then try to convert again. 
Currently this is not the direction we are moving towards.  The apps created in the InteractBuilder can be submitted directly to the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Chrome store (for desktops).

We may look at this in the future.
Is this a brand new app or a converted app?  Do any apps work for you?