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Guys; I think I'll have to re-send you both apps to publish: the one of the plants has another mistake: title should go in English: "Flora of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia" ! I'll resend it with the right name. Sorry! 
All right, Ezra, I'll re-send it then
(Roi is my other google profile, I'm Pablo / Paul Snakes)
Hi Alin. You mean I send you the app folder via dropbox? or should I simply share it with ezra and you make the publication from it? by the way, I have just sent to Publish my other app (not the updated version of the first, but the second, about plants). This is supposed to fall out the $299 fee that includes only 1 publication / year; but apparently, I could send it without having to pay the extra $99... how / when should I arrange the payment? I'd like you to manage the publication of both apps through all the platforms. Thank you ; )
RoiZorro = PaulSnakes. Just different Browser id's ; )

Hi Ezra! thanks for the reply, I will check for info about copyright registering. The problem with "jump to page" was that I had created a Table of contents, and so pages where not consecutive to the one where the link was. Anyway, I have fixed it just changing target page, and wasn't all that work after all.



Fine. I think it is an improvement anyway... I would save a lot of work (I have been making invisible objects above text to act as proxyes of other objects in the background)

I am paulsnakes by the way. Just logged from other google acc. ; )