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When will the next version come out? There's some other fixes too, that I'm waiting for :)
I have tried that, and sometimes it works. Other times, it seems to change fontsize without any reason - or at least change it without it's something I have done.

It would be very nice to just apply a style to a textbox. Especially in bigger projects, or even more, if you're doing several apps over time, so we don't have to leave the app we're working on, to copy a style from another one, and then get back again.

It could be a paid feature? You know, that little extra thing, that we would love to have, like the other paid features. We don't strictly need them to make our apps, but once we've had them, it will be hard to let go ;)
Can't you make the menu a global element?
I have checked out some available coloring book apps from the app store, and it seems perfectly normal to be able to:
- color freely (without lines being colored over)
- color freely within restricted area (without lines being colored over)
- fill color (that is do-able here too, but it's really hard to set up, and you can't use a lineart)

All in all, I just want to be able to compete with other apps, which will be hard, if I only make one with "fill color" available.

Again, I understand if it's not on the top of your list, other things are more important, but it's not something weird or state of the art new stuff I'm looking for, so hope you'll consider it for a future version of IB. Charmaine and I can't be the only ones who's looking into making coloring pages.
Okay. Then I'll just keep going :
I've only done 2 pieces so far, and I'm already going crazy: For each visible puzzle piece, I have 3 images to place, 3 intersections and 1 actionset. And I suppose that I should make a counter and AddCounter, if I want to do something when all pieces are placed correctly? That would make intersection number 4.

Is it possible to copy intersections? I guess not, since I would have to change all 3 targets anyway.. just thought I'd ask if there should be any shortcuts, or if there's only a long and winding road ahead of me in this department?

The sample app was really helpful, along with Inna's explanation, by the way.
Thank you once again to both of you =)

Thank you. That was (a little) better than nothing, but not really good in terms of a userfriendly interface. Scrollbars are used in every program I own, and I can use my Magic Mouse to scroll either way - fast! ;) This is a pain, since I'll have to click to see the "move-cross", and then try to drag around to where I want to be, without dragging any elements with me in the process.

I would very much like to suggest that you reconsider that solution, and let us have scrollbars. Pretty please? :D
Of course. So obvious, now that you've said it ;)
Thanks for kicking my brain in gear :D
If you want to, I can make a copy of the page I tried it on, and post it for you.
Still, I'm not sure what you wanted, - perhaps it's what Alin described the solution for - it's two rather different things these solution does, as far as I can tell :)