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Alin > Yes it was! I changed it to "Yes", and that solved the problem right away.
Brilliant. Thank you so much! :D
Great suggestions, although, I think it would be a very useful feature, to be able to draw/color under another element, such as a lineart. Is it out of the question, that it will be a possibility later on?

Thank you for the input on color menu too. I will try to see what fits best :)
I have added a few more pages, to see if it was all the pages, or just specific pages that had this problem. It seems to only be the first page after language change. I have double checked the settings on the texts, and they're all fine. Have added two more texts to the same page, and the all show up in the same language at the same time, so that is consistent, but they don't show the right language, if the language is changed. But when I browse to the next pages, the language is right according to my choice(s).

Don't know if that helps to understand my problem :)
Isn't it possible, to let the user color freely beneath a lineart, like a real coloring book?
I just ran into the same problem. I assume it's not fixed yet?