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Thanks for the info. I don't quite follow though.

Why will the files still be large? Wouldn't it convert just like the conversion from ipad to iphone?

Will the file size be twice as large if using 2048 x 1536? Seems like it would be safer to go large for future applications. Isn't it easy to convert to 1024 x 768? Or would the file still be larger than if you start with 1024 x 768?

I'm curious about 264 ppi. Is that the standard for the retina ipads? Do you need all of those? 2048 x 1536 and 264 ppi?


Great idea. I didn't know you could do a link.


Nope. Everything, except the paperclip is the same.

Still looking for an attachment option.

I am no longer able to upload psd files to new pages even after closing the program and re-opening. Any tips?


Awesome! Thank you.

Sorry it took me so long to respond; I've been moving. I'd be happy to post a sample, though I still don't see an option to add attachments. Paperclip anyone?