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You're right, I see it working now.
I expand the app to full screen, that helps. Also you can reduce the zoom size to get to it.

When the toolbar is open it ought to auto-update after these actions:
1 change an element name
2 navigate to a different page
Ah! Yes I'll try that,thanks Ezra :() BTW we just tried and returned a Windows 8 laptop. Just horrible OS! My families' next machine will finally be an Apple!.
Nope uninstall/reinstall did not help. This was 3.4.2 build 343. I am reverting back to 342. This is on the PC.
I see that font resize glitch too, when not doing this. I just reset it. :/
Ooh here's a great feature - the Page Template! It's in the top right Design mode menu - your book name. Save a page as a template, then to use it
1 create a blank page,
2 choose "Apply Page Template"
Thanks Inna,
I found I had to go back and remove 1st text actions that got copied to the 2nd and broke the 1st. I think I will copy/create ALL text first, and THEN add their actions.

BTW I started tracking my notes on my build here: