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Hi Rhys!
Yay we are not alone!! Yep I figure they're slammed. I heard it was solved; hope new blocker bugs weren't discovered.

Have you tried any of the other direct publishing features within IB4? According to the user guide we can do it ourselves.

I have an Amazon seller account, at least for ebooks. Hopefully its all the same. IB4 has an option to use your own developer account. I am going to try that. Will post results here.

When you think about it, how can Ezra post to the markets for us? Shouldn't it go through our own accounts so we get paid?
Please reply to this ASAP. I need 2 clarifications - I've been standing by as Ezra was to restart submissions now that the memory leak issue is resolved. There has not been a new IB4 update, so I assume those issues are internal to your publishing servers.

1 - I actually didn't/don't need to stand by?
2 I can go ahead right now and publish my app to marketplaces of my choice?

I guess I will proceed with the assumption of yes/yes.

Update - I just wrapped up my book (hooray!) I built a shorter Demo copy, and at first it errored trying to synch with the server. I removed unused resources, including the player\manifest.txt. After I restored that txt file, it seemed to clear up the synching problem and Interaction worked.

So it seems to be a problem with 1st time syncing of a book made from a copy with the server.
Hmm as I reread this I realize the conditionals are still checking the value of the counter, not it's display element. But whatever, it works as desired :).
Had time, it works! This would make a great youtube (if there's not one already).

Let me try to summarize the action setup sequence:

When you choose tap > Counter > CounterDisplay, you're not displaying the counter element directly. You need to use a text element as the Target. Then you choose the counter as the source to get the value from. The counter value is inserted into the text element.

One other cool thing I just learned. On the global counter's "home page", if you do a CounterDisplay on page load without setting it to any value, it nicely receives the value of zero. Thank you! This is very valuable IMO. So you can chain some conditionals to that CounterDisplay-onpageload. The 1st time you hit the page, on page load you automatically have a value of zero - not undefined, to work with, and without having to explicitly set it to zero. That's important because IB conditionals can't work with undefined, as far as I know. So this trick allows you to return 2nd+ time to counter's home page, and the current value is preserved. Otherwise, if you had to do an onpageload > CounterSet = 0, then every time you came to its home page it'd get reset to zero, :(  regardless of the Save Page State property.

Everything above I have tested and it works perfectly. If you don't want to see the counter's text field visually, just position it offscreen.
Super I will try this tonight, thanks!
Did not reproduce when I created the single page. It may be the complexity of other actions on the pages. Well, I will leave alone what I have since it works.
You can close this bug, it's working fine now in both IB3 and now IB4.
Confirmed fixed in build 388. BIG THANK YOU!! :)
I run PC from local documents. I tried the clone on Mac from both D box and locally. Synch never completes, trying to log into on Mac blocks me - "exceeded # of devices allotted".

I have build 388 on PC. Today I ran into this synch stall on the PC too. Also could not login to I restarted IB4 a couple times, then Interact mode worked - it logs me into and plays the book fine.

For now I'm sticking with dev on the PC.