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Happy to confirm in build 388 the fix works! It did require rebuilding the animation element. I used the same in-app frame PNGs.
No urgency, I'm staying with PC right now.
This works. But one small glitch - I started not being able to select the clip for "stop audio" action, even if I made a "play audio" first - which adds the clip to the app. This clip is omitted from the list of page audio clips. I workaround by adding two "play audio" actions, then changing the 1st one to a "stop".

This is on a PC.
Awesome thank you! This is the last "issue" on my table - I've dealt with all the rest and should actually have an IB4 book submission ready in the next few days!!
Nope, both actions are on one frame animation element. The idea was the tap is slow, and the doubletap is fast.
element 2 or something became corrupt, other page anims stopped working. Deleting element 2 resolve those, but not this bug.
I added a 2nd animation for double-tap, now tap-animate only plays once, AFTER first time you double-tap. you can keep double-tapping, but never tap again.

Expected: Both actions tap and double-tap > frame animate should be persistently supported
Awesome thanks Inna! I will keep an eye out for this. Worse case I'm  sure I can move it back to my iMac. I've loads of graphics to improve before then...