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Are you able to reproduce this? I am wondering if this and other "corrupt" behavior I deal with are due to my Java version being frozen (for other purposes) on the PC I am using.
Nope, just the one time, I did click "remind", but no more prompts. BTW I am going to move my dev to a new machine, suspect this one has issues - it's running an old version of Java.
Yes I did find it was set to text, and listeners needed to be reset. What bugs me is the corruption in the screenshots. Notice in the last one the whole condition is lost. So I'm doing alot of rebuilding :/
It was on the same page, 1. I just reinstalled/cleared prefs/rebooted and it still showed pointing to page 1 but went to 154 in interact mode. I set it to 2 and then to 1 and that reset it so not it works properly.

I've been trying to copy pages and elements across books, both with in-app copy/paste, and templates. Many such bizarre behavior - see the ticket Ezra moved to the helpdesk. I'm giving it one more go to repair the broken/missing elements on a few pages.
build 361 on PC, app restarted 3 times, same result 100% consistent.
Yep, because it's attached as an action on elements within the pages. But there is a setting in a menu at top you can set - click top right App Name > Page ">" > Props subtab >  "Reset Page on Shake", set to yes. Doesn't reset on shake.
Ah good, thanks for forwarding this one! Be sure to test with lots of zoom and mode toggling.
yes I think on pages 3,4, maybe 5
I emailed you my dropbox books directory, you could take a look at 118, page 3 "Over". The wall and windowsill shapes ghosted on me eventually.