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maybe there's a conflict with the page level setting because I have it as an action on some elements on page load. I just added it to elements for now.
The latest. several shapes have been disappearing as well since the cache deletion, including duplicates of those shapes. I had to go create brand new shapes to get them to "stick". It's over 3 dozen actions I've been restoring...
Yes removing the forced next line seems to resolve this. It stopped repro'ing. Be nice to have line breaks though.
Yep, it is happening to me occasionally. It becomes a "ghost in the machine". Nothing I try fixes it once it's started. Seems new line characters cause it.

I am going to try to fix it all again:
1 retype from "dinner" and delete all trailing text
2 reset font family, size, and color
3 NOT add line break before "where's", instead trust text box to wrap it. I don't like that but oh well.

After several attempts at #1, I did #1 and #2, then adding the line break immediately triggered the bug. This is in Design mode.
Yep frame animation editor popup is unstable. I went to add a frame, decided against it, and deleted the unwanted frame. In Design mode It threw my line positions off, showed items borders that are zero, and app briefly locked up. Something bad happens when you interact with frames beyond adding > picking image source. In Interact mode the 45 degree line stuck so I had to fix it (again), but at least the zero borders stayed zero (the false black line around the triangles)

Awesome I can quit dredging!
I like this idea but half my book is dependent on user interaction triggering new state of page. So each of my pages would have to be two pages. Please take that into consideration.

PS I assume this would be epub style - text image text etc etc? Could we have a UI to "snapshot" all the page states we need? This is almost another app IMHO.
Thanks, for now I'm leaving it set for Ipad and relying on the builder's  Interact mode.
Good morning I'm back! I just copied a mix of lines and shapes to a new page. Lines are misbehavin'. Resetting zoom isn't 100% guaranteed to preserve their position.
I'll second that! Kids really love that about Minecraft; it's nice.