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with some mad tapping I got back to the app home. Umm...

When I first started testing dimensions on this book, I did see it come in at the iPhone screen. Items were misaligned. Now I am unable to even get a phone dimension.

If this book is corrupt, I am screwed. I cannot rebuild my book from page one, new book, everytime a page gets worn out and corrupted.
Thanks, got it and responded. Great intersections!

One thing that threw me off, even in your example, my counter was not visible thanks to another element "blocking" it even though that element was on a lower layer.
Thanks, please if you have time try to add the counterAdd and counterDisplay on the 3 clothing items also on that page. You'll need to add a counter. I am following your actions in your example, but it's just not happening. Driving me crazy, I have other counters working elsewhere.
Good suggestion. I think you can close this as not a bug. Know what it was? I had double spaces in originally, and removed them. Then I left out an apostrophe. I got the right click back on everything except the word that had the apostrophe. I got that back when I restored the apostrophe.

Moral of story: do NOT change the text if you are using word highlighting with it. Unless you want to reset your word highlighting (I did not).
Yes that's valid, but some apps like Fireworks will keep it relative to the original.  It's an ease of use feature. Just a suggestion. :)
what about the manager sometimes missing actions added by the original panel? Keep an eye out for that, it keeps happening. They get out of sync.

I'm having no luck with the counters and I've added identical steps as yours. I'd send you a dropbox link but dropbox is choking on the upload.

I do see your examples work. I think my page is corrupt or too complex. I will try from scratch.

BTW I am not blocked, just not using the counters now - staying focused on basics to get the book out!