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Yeah I just added tap>moves to the 3 cars, chained the counters to them, works like a charm.

I think it works on simple pages.

I was just setting up my page again with these counter actions, identical to yours, and the first item did not work. The second item I added CounterAdd and CounterDisplay in the regular actions panel, then clicked the Actions manager and my CounterAdd is not there. close it, the regular panel shows Action Set: 3 of 3.

I will email you this page.
Windows IB 3.4.2 build 343 and IB 3.4.352 (the latest).

Yep, your demo works for me. Question - do you set the counter to zero somehow when the page loads? I don't see an action for that on the cars or the counter itself.

As soon as I got the new build I set up my counters again, same steps as yours, BUT they are chained to a move action. Could my book page just be corrupted, or it be because of the move action? I was getting erratic behavior that tells me something was corrupted.

I'm pushing ahead and don't have a copy of this page anymore, so I'm fine if you want to call it corrupt and close the bug.
No longer blocking btw, I went another route.

Windows IB 3.4.2 Build 343.

Unfortunately I no longer have a copy with these animations. Dimensions of animation did not matter.

Both times, frame animation element A hiding self and show/animating frame animation element B slid B off to the left. For now I am not chaining any animations this way.

The first time, elem B had about 20 frames, the second time (different) elem B had about 16 frames.
I have the one Ezra sent out last night, on Windows, 3.4.352.

The previous one this happened in was file version build 343.
Occuring again.

Element A frame animation
Element B hidden animation

Tap A:
runs A animation
|_ 250ms delay shows B
  |_250 ms delay animate B

Expected B animates through it's cycles
Actual: B flies all the way left, stuck on frame 1, cannot add transition circle.
It's now showing one of the accessories over at bottom left. Seems like actions become corrupted.

I went back to single set of 3 accessories with moves, but the last one always remains visible. And my original trigger items can reshow the 3 accessories because I can't remove their tap handlers.
Oh and being in a group would lock the shapes' positions relative to each other. Like in most graphics apps, dragging one member of the group would move all members. I guess we'd need that additional "point" tool to allow sub-selection within a group, so you could still move just one item as needed.

I don't expect this by Feb 23, too big a task. Hopefully in future :).
no image, transparent image, this is great. I wish I could do that in Anime Studio with their physics.
I'm pleased to see we have showGroup and hideGroup! :) Another thing I'd like to do in Design mode is be able to select a group without clicking all the elements, like you can do in Anime studio. It probably must put you in the multiple item selection mode, which is fine because that already is useful to move a whole group of shapes intact.