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Hello, any update on this as yet?  How can I get the Savetext to save on every page?  I need this urgently for my students.  Thanks 
Hello, any update on this as yet?  I need this as soon as possible. Thanks. 
ok on this one, I reduced the sizes of the graphics so it finally loaded but now some strange stuff is happening.  e.g. the text that I saved in other apps, is randomly showing up in place of graphics, and graphics are missing.  Any ideas?  Thanks.
Ok So i am checking out the Notes feature again.  I have created a fresh version 4 app.  
On the first page it should just say:  Testing Save Notes.  When it loads it says: Changing Text.
On the second page sometimes when it loads, clicking anywhere in the page takes it to the next page.  This is not intentional.
But on the second page, enter text into Note area. clicking the Next page element at the bottom right, should Save the notes, and Close the notes.  (Had to specifically CloseNotes or it is left visible on all the pages, even though it is a PageNotes.)  So far so good.
Go to page 3.   Type into the new note.  Then back up by clicking bottom left of page.  Page 2 note appears but it is blank.  
So maybe it did not load.  So I add a text element that is set to LoadPageNotes on tap.  Sometimes, it pops back to page 1 or to page 3 when clicked, but it still does not show the notes that should have been saved.
Any ideas?
Note that I just loaded the latest release.
I have emailed the app to
ok I have emailed it.  There is now also another problem with that app - it is not loading all the graphics on the Table of Contents page.  thanks.
Yes. I checked that. 
Yep.  That did it.  thanks much.
Yes!  that works.  Thanks much.  Now i have to get it to work on the version 3 app.  Will let you know.
Yes it's 2 different text elements (just have the same name).  I would like to save the text entered into both so when they come back to the page it is still there.
Thank you and it works for the first page.
But I see now it's on the other pages it does not work.  I will email the updated file.