White square on page

Jen Hoyte 6 years ago updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 6 years ago 7
With the newest version 4.0.3 Build 382, a white square is showing up near to the middle of the page. I have set the background color of the page to be non-white and now this square shows up. This was not happening with 4.0.2. Any ideas?  Thanks.


Under review
We were not able to recreate this issue. Could you send us the app zipped up?  You can upload it right on the feedback site by clicking the icon of the paper clip.
I have emailed it to support@interactstudios.com as I do not see a paperclip icon.  only one to insert a url. thanks.
We were able to recreate this issue and forwarded to our lead developer.Thank you for your feedback.
Yippee with 4.0.4 383, this is fixed.  Now on to getting the InteractPlayer to work with the version 3 apps that have Intersections.