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easing animation in/out

Luca Paltrinieri 6 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 4
I think it should be possible to ease a graphic animation in or out, instead of leaving it with only a constant unnatural movement.

Is it possible? I am not able to find such an option within the Builder.

Under review
Could you explain in more details what would you like to do?
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Alin.

I would like to add a more natural movement to objects and characters.
In Flash this is easily accomplished with the easing function.

Here you can see some easing examples that show what I would like:

No problem Luca, so far this option is not possible, but it's a very good idea. Thank you for your feedback.
I have just downloaded the Builder, and it looks interesting, as it seems powerful and quite easy to learn and use. The lack of such a basic and fundamental feature in animation such as the easing effect, though, makes it less usable to produce professional looking animated books and therefore less appealing.

It is a real pity, I hope this feature will soon be integrated in the Builder. (this option already exists in the software made by one of your competitors, the PlayTales Builder)

Thank you again for your time.