Save Text Styles

SeanB 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 7
Like the Highlighting feature, it'd be nice to save your Text properties (font size,color,style,alignment, drop shadow) as a style for easy reuse.


Under review
That's a good idea.Thank you for the feedback post.
Under review
That's a good idea.Thank you for the feedback post.
For now, one way to use the same text style on different pages is to copy and paste a text element and then change the content of the text.
I have tried that, and sometimes it works. Other times, it seems to change fontsize without any reason - or at least change it without it's something I have done.

It would be very nice to just apply a style to a textbox. Especially in bigger projects, or even more, if you're doing several apps over time, so we don't have to leave the app we're working on, to copy a style from another one, and then get back again.

It could be a paid feature? You know, that little extra thing, that we would love to have, like the other paid features. We don't strictly need them to make our apps, but once we've had them, it will be hard to let go ;)
I see that font resize glitch too, when not doing this. I just reset it. :/
Thanks Inna,
I found I had to go back and remove 1st text actions that got copied to the 2nd and broke the 1st. I think I will copy/create ALL text first, and THEN add their actions.

BTW I started tracking my notes on my build here:
Ooh here's a great feature - the Page Template! It's in the top right Design mode menu - your book name. Save a page as a template, then to use it
1 create a blank page,
2 choose "Apply Page Template"