At this point it is hard to argue this line of thinking

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The Kansas City Royals have run their winning streak up to seven games. Only the Dodgers have been a hotter team. Not only that http://www.royalsfanaticsjersey.com/cheslor-cuthbert-jersey-c-17.html, but the new guys just joined the team last night in Detroit. So we have yet to see how they will contribute.

Even with all the positive momentum Mike Petriello of mlb.com says  the Kansas City Royals can do more. In a recent article Petriello lays  out a plan for the team to go all in on one last ride. It may not be the last season we see every member of the current core in KC, but for the  ones who are departing why not send them out in style.

At this point it is hard to argue this line of thinking. As much as  my mind tells me the long game is always the smarter play, the Kansas  City Royals are making it hard to listen to. There are not many better  situations than the one they are in to push the chips to the middle of  the table.

So if it is indeed the right time to go for broke, and by doing so  broke will be a gentle term the next few years, then Petriello has as a  decent plan Chris Young Jersey that he suggests. I may not agree with all of it, but there  are parts where I feel him and I should be besties. Here’s a quick  overview of his ideas.

I am all in on the Zack Cozart campaign. In fact I declared that  very move to be the one that would prove the Kansas City Royals where  all in as they claimed. If you don’t remember this from the recent past  you can read it here.

Pat Neshek is an interesting option. He is an All Star reliever on a Phillies team that is not competing any time soon. Making such a move  would give Moore a surplus of arms and the possibility of dealing from  them for one of the other mentioned players. Kelvin Herrera in a Cozart  deal?

Finally we come to Jay Bruce. This is a name that the staff here at  KoK have discussed several times over the past few weeks. I just simply  can’t get behind it though. Yes he would, theoretically, push Brandon  Moss to the bench. Yes he is a better defensive option in the corner  outfield than Moss as well. So he could upgrade the DH/Reserve OF roles.

However , the Kansas City Royals have struggled against left handed pitching. Does he address that? Or, perhaps more pertinent http://www.royalsfanaticsjersey.com/salvador-perez-jersey-c-15.html, why make a move giving up assets when we have the answer already?

Jorge Soler once again finds himself in Triple A Omaha. He has  absolutely raked during the time he has spent in the minors this season. Yes he has struggled during the time he has spent with the big club  also. The difference? As I have said before http://www.royalsfanaticsjersey.com/christian-colon-jersey-c-16.html, Soler needs consistent at bats to be productive. That is something he has simply not been able to get in KC.

Commit to him as the everyday DH, he should improve the performance  against lefties. Oh and he is not a scrub in the OF either. Jorge is a  long term piece for this team that needs to be a part of whatever  happens in the next couple of months.