Manage action sets request - auto select first target

Ranco 7 years ago in By Screen / Design updated by anonymous 1 year ago 7

Can you please automatically select the first target in the "manage action sets" dialog when one clicks on a new action set (or uses the up/down arrows)?

It is more user friendly that way. You can navigate the cations and immediately see the animation parameters of the (first) target, which is usually the main.





Version 3.4 (towards end of the year)

Why that late? it's ~one line of code! Don't underestimate the power of the Action Set Manager - it is highly important (but still buggy...)!

We will roll this change into other changes in the action set manager. Not everything is one line of code, not saying this one is difficult but there are several other enhancements and changes we will be making at the same time.   We will see if we can fit this into an earlier build for you.

Ok. Well, I know, I reported many of those issues :)