About Share of App in IB4.0

Truman Kong 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Paul Snakes 6 years ago 11
How do we share the App in IB4.0 with others, if using iPad? There used to be an InteractPlayer App. But I think it is no longer available or cannot download the new App. 

So how do we test the App in iPad? 
By the way, I tried to open the interactplayer.com from the iPad using Safari and Chrome, both of them crashes when I am about to load and run the shared App. My iPad2 and version of Chrome is 38.2125.59 nad Safari is the latest. And running on iOS7.
Hi Truman,
It sounds to me like there might be a bug with a specific effect that is in the app. If you try viewing a simple test app, like a one-page app with one graphic element, does it still make the web browser close, or does the app display?
Under review
In order to share the app with someone else you have to make the app public:

Then you can copy the public link:

And send that link to the person you want to share the app with. Thank you for your feedback.
So there is no dedicated App to play the shared App? We need to use a browser to run the App on iPad?
At this moment the apps can only be tested in a browser.
Hi! is there any difference makes testing the app in the InteractPlayer and sharing the app with yourself? I tried sharing the app with myself, but I was requested to create a New Account... I do have one; but I am not given the option to sign in, when following the link that arrived to my mail...
To preview your own app, you can click "Interact" to upload the app, which will open a browser that displays your app. If you want to preview the app on a device, start by uploading the app in the same way, and then open a browser on the device and go to interactplayer.com, where you can sign in with your account to see the apps that you have uploaded. 

Here's our description of this process on the user guide: How to Preview an App.

Let me know if this answers your question : )