Share Button not working

Jen Hoyte 6 years ago in By Screen / Publish updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 6 years ago 7
When I go to the Publish tab and click Share, the cursor spins a little, then nothing else happens.  I am able to run the app in Interact mode, but cannot get it to share.  i was able to share apps before but only now trying to share this one.   any ideas what i can try?  Thanks.
Under review
Hi, what version and build of InteractBuilder are you working with? Also are you having problems only with this particular app? Try to share a sample app and let us know if it's working. Thank you for your feedback.
Version 3.4.4, Build 361, As of 4/9/2014.
Same thing happening with other apps including ones that I have published before.
The share process is working great for me. Did you restart InteractBuilder after the last update?
I restarted it a few minutes ago.  Am I at the latest version?
Yes that is the latest version. Could you reinstall IB3? Let us know if you are still having problems after the reinstall.
ok it works now since I rebooted, thanks.