Page Counter Condition does not get fired even at the right condition

Truman Kong 6 years ago in By Screen / Interact updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 4
I am testing your latest built of IB4.0.3 build 382.
I have a counter on a page. I will change the counter to value 1, when a picture is pressed.
When the counter value is 1, it will fire an action. 
i.e.  Action (fade in another picture) with condition

Condition {Page Counter} is {Value}
Element                        Q2 Counter
Value                                            1

Straight forward enough. But the action never get fired.
Under review
Are you trying to Invoke the FadeIn behavior with a (none) interaction? Here is a sample app on how you can do this:
Counter sample.zip
You are right. I supposed the (none) interaction is listening to the counter value (as it was true in IB3.4), and the action is fired upon the change of counter value. But maybe the new version do not support this anymore?

If this is the only way to do in IB4, that means all the actions have to be done within the element, which change the value of the counter?? 

Is this a bug or is the a new implementation in IB4?
Hi Truman,
This was a bug that is now fixed. The technique that Alin describes is more straight-forward, but if you do need a conditional behavior to react to a change in the value of a counter, this is working again now :)